Developing Ideas Reflection

In Design class we have been learning lots of new things. We have been learning about blogs, selecting and labeling, drawing blogs, and much more. We drew 3 ideas of how our blog is going to look in the future! In Select and Label we have learned how to add widgets, posts and links. In growing our blog we had to write a paragraph or a few sentences of how we are going to plan our blog.
I chose this blog theme because I thought the way I drew it was organized and if I added any color it would be very bright. I will name my design mmmm I don’t know what i’ll name it! I thought this one was special because if I add widgets to my blog it will show how much I like widgets and I wrote that it will be nice if you wrote about your dislikes and likes!
One big thing I want to learn (but im sure its going to be easy) is that i want to know how to change the fonts on the blog post because every time I make a post it always the same boring font. I’m confident in using my blog because after you get the hang of posting, adding, editing, changing and sharing it’ll be very easy.
my goals for the year is that i want to get about 10 comments on 15 posts. i want to learn how to do a proper menu and get the blog very organized. I enjoyed drawing the ideas and making posts in design.

Inquiring and Analyzing Reflection

What I have been doing so far in design for Analyzing and Inquiring is planning and make a blog page, making a brainstorm and how to know what the things on the blog represent. Actually what’s interesting to me is looking at some great old blogs that students did last year.

I need a blog because i can communicate, share photos, tell the world that 6C is AWESOME, and if I write about myself people will know my likes and dislikes,The problems that a blog could solve is that if I want to share something with my friends and I don’t have facebook, twitter, or anything like that I can always use my blog and comment. Something else that will help me using a blog is that I could ask a follower for answers to random questions or I could ask them questions ( like i’m going to cheat. )

I think the title/topic, theme and design are the most important to me because the design should have clear paragraphs and spacing and should be easy to read. The theme is important because it tells the reader what the blog could be about, when they just look at it! it makes a good blog because the reader would want to follow you and want to comment you and share things with you.

I could design it and make sure its good if i design/plan it on sheets of paper or I could ask the teacher to see if theres a rubric and check if I have all of the things on a rubric. I would plan my blog by making a brainstorm ( like how we did ) on ideas that connect what i’m going to be doing on my blog. I can even do a document of ideas ( related to the brainstorm )

I want to improve on actually being able to understand tech things for what to do on a blog. What I want to learn next is how to make more categories, posts, and other things that go on the blog! I enjoyed making a blog and making the design features as well because some people were racing to get that word first! I enjoyed a lot!!