Tutorial Reflection

What we have been doing so far is watching tutorials on whatever we want and researching about them like what’s helpful or not. We have also been looking at other people’s tutorials that are on their blogs in our school. I think the most interesting thing we did was homework, not just plain homework of course but homework on commenting on other peoples blogs i really liked that because we could compare our tutorial to theirs and we got to know what their favourite and least favourite tutorials are! We have learned a lot of things, really a lot in just a few days. Like i explained we have been learning about tutorials and I think I might as well put a list of what I learned.

Here we go…

  • You should be clear and loud so the watcher can understand,

  • you should put translations  if your only speaking 1 language

  • if you’re baking something you should introduce what you are going to make and show a picture of it first.

  • You could give ideas and tell everyone who inspired you to do it.

Guys I have too much to say!


I think we should make tutorials because you can give ideas to people and show how knowledgeable you are and you can help people with homework or improving on something. Actually tutorials can solve a lot of things like i said they help you with homework, they can help you create something new like a blog or a website, tutorials can teach you music, they can teach you how to draw, they can teach you how to dance and sing or learn a new language, they can teach you how to play games or unbox something and see if it really works (Here’s a link to something). Tutorials can even give you tips or guide you through doing something new.


I think a few key learnings were to have a step by step tutorials and not to have it go too fast. Actually i’ll make a list like before:

  • To be clear and loud

  • Maybe not to have HD quality but something clear to see

  • Give idea’s and credit to the idea’s YOU used

  • Say if it better to use this or that. (especially baking something)

  • Have some editing but not too much so the watcher gets confused

  • Don’t put music if you’re a quiet person because the watcher won’t be able to understand you at all.

  • List the ingredients or materials that are needed.

  • Stay focused, don’t lose track!

I think that you should have a clear and loud voice so then the watcher understands you. Make sure your video is clear or else the watcher won’t be able to see what your doing. It good to give credit so if the person who you gave credit to watched your video then she/he might comment or do something good. It will be better to list the ingredients so the watcher can find or buy what you need.

On my tutorial I think I should speak instead of just putting subtitles because it helps the watcher understand. If I ever have to fast forward I will put some music maybe. I will even put a link or say who inspired me to make the tutorial. I will of course need to do my tutorial step by step and stay on track. Also because its better to have it, I will put a picture or tell what I will be making for my tutorial. Before I start making whatever I need to, say for example a cake, I will tell all the ingredients and tools to make a cake. In some tutorials I have seen that the speaker is going faster than what she/he is doing and i will make sure I don’t do something like that.

I enjoyed researching tutorials and finding out or comparing what’s good and bad. what i want to learn next is how to make a survey for your tutorial so then other people can tell how you did on the video. I want to improve on doing more tutorial research because i think if we have more time to look and compare tutorials we can make the best tutorials.

Now that Ms. Cofino already taught us how to embed a video I am going to embed my research!

 Hope You Enjoy…

My Favourite/Least Tutorial

Sara’s Blog 🙂  Wenyu’s Blog  🙂 

My Favourite/ Least Tutorial!

Today I will share my favourite tutorial with you! Both of these look really YUMMY!!

Helpful Things:

  1. He showed and said how many grams or litres of whatever at the beginning and he also showed the finished product!

  2. Its good because the watcher will know how many of grams there are or how many litres of ingredients.

  3. he had a very clear voice and showed the ingredients on the side inside a box on the video.

  4. so the watcher can understand and incase they forget the ingredients they can see all the time.

Unhelpful things:

  1.  I think he kept on saying the same word over and over again (beautiful).

  2. It annoys the watcher sometimes because it sounds kind of like him saying that he’s made the best cake ever, maybe not exactly

  3. he didn’t Say what is going to be helpful for the cake tin/pan or anything else

4.  So the audience can buy things they need or use foil, wax paper or any other material.


Least: Chocolate Lava cake dessert:

  1. She showed how the finished product is going to look like or is going to be similar to it.

  2. So then the watcher or audience knows what they’re going to make or that what they thought it was going to be is right or wrong.

  3. She gave ideas for toppings and stuff like white chocolate, nuts, pistachio.
  4. So then the watcher or audience can get an idea of what they could add to another recipe or make desserts more fancy!


  1. She didn’t say or write the ingredients and how much you needed before she started to make it.

  2. it wasn’t so helpful because you need to know how much sugar you need to put or flour or what temperature you need to put the oven on.

  3. She didn’t stay on topic and she went on and talked about chocolate truffles while she was making Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert.

  4. It wasn’t so helpful because you might think that shes going to make ruffles with the dessert but you don’t want to.

My Field Studies Experience!

On the bus ride:

So, on the bus ride people who were sitting behind me were going crazy!! we had music on and everyone was singing and dancing! 🙂 We had two stops the first stop was for the bathroom because some people had to go really badly and the rest were walking and talking or buying stuff! the second stop was at Starbucks and i got a small frappuccino and a cookie! when we got back on the bus, a few hours later Kai who was behind me spilled his drink on his phone, iPad, and backpack, it got on the seat too! i helped him wipe it up and other people tried to get the liquid out of his phone and iPad. His phone was out of charge so we charged it but i think his iPad might have sort of broke!!!!

What I learned on Thursday night:

The key masters (me) at the hotel had to pick a learner profile word, what I picked was inquirer, we had to perform a skit or drama/act thing with our roommates. Lots of people did a really good job and some were hard to guess, because some people had hard words we got to learn by there acting, like principled, and many more!! i saw lots of people being risk takers because the EX adventure  we went on was pretty high up and we had to walk on ropes, some people were scared, I was scared too but I still went about halfway through so I wasn’t pretty much a risk taker. I remember that almost everyone was really caring including me because someone fell and so I helped the person back up. Thats what everyone usually does!

Some Other Learner Profiles:

 Lots and lots of people were being principled they were thinking really smartly and choosing what was right or wrong. everyone followed the rules and instructions and knew what to do. we were also being opened minded because the first day we went for an activity hiking thing and we needed to cross through pretend lava and stuff like that but anyway we were thinking smartly and creatively. After we were using a compass and we had to find our way with it and with the trees because they had papers stuck on it that said “Go This Way” or it had a question!

The Compass!

Well Now on the Third Day:
We went to a gym and we did things like- jumping from a line to line and hopping with both feet side to side and we did some kind of somersault and we did handstands and lots of other things. After we went for a barbecue lunch and we ate things there of course. the other group went to the gym while we were making DREAM CATCHER!! we first had to find some bendable and thin sticks. After we made it with string and wool! In the evening after dinner or before dinner I don’t know but we went BALLOONING yay! We went about 50 meters up and it was really hot because of the fire.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.42.37 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.47.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.40.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.31.52 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 6.31.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.42.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.41.44 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.42.07 PM

Credits go to Ayako Maeda and Risa Nabari!

Tips & Tricks & My learning!!

I learned that you should always think before you post anything, don’t post a photo of someone if they don’t want you to! I learned that you should always give credit to people. I also learned how to change my theme and my background and header by clicking  Dashboard, Customize or Header. I learned to use photoshop to make a header image so you can personalize your header. I also learned that everyone has a different opinions on different posts and it may be offensive to someone.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.12.22 PM

I learned how to put videos and pictures on my blog post. if you want to put photos on your post then click media and you can choose if you want it from your desktop or documents.

If you want to put videos on your post from Youtube then go to your video scroll down click share, 

 then on top it will say embed, click it. Copy and paste the code onto your blog post but before you do that go to text on your post. Paste it there and you’re done!

I found out that now you should use creative commons and not google images because some people don’t want people to use them maybe just view or you can give credit on anything but I still prefer Creative Commons. ( Theres a video about CC search on my blog! )

How to make a Widget!

First you go to abowman then pick your favourite widget. Then go to edit settings and you can choose how many animals you want the colour and more!

After your done that, you go to your blog open up your widgets page (same picture thats above) then you go to the very bottom and click “Text”. Go back to the abowman page and copy the embed code ( you’ll see something that says sidebar footer sidebar and more. If you want in on the side of your blog then click sidebar if you want it on the very bottom of your blog click footer sidebar.) You click add widget, then scroll back down and you can name your title what ever you want then paste the embed code onto to the blank spot and click SAVE and there you’re done!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 6.39.59 PM