Performance Reflection

How do we act when we are on stage as a performer?

We should always be smiling while we’re on stage because it tell the audience that you are confident. By listening to other people performing I saw them mess up but they kept on playing. Always stay positive and don’t say oops! Sorry I messed up I’m going to start all over again.

How do we listen as an audience? How should we act?

When we are an audience then we should listen and pay attention . While people are playing you shouldn’t be using your phone or talking to others beside you because then the player will get distracted. A good audience would be someone who listens and someone who pays good attention because later you never know if your teacher is going to ask questions about peoples performances.

How can I prepare for my next performance?

I could practice more. I could organize my schedule for the day, I can spend more time to play the piano maybe 25 minutes for  piano then supper then back to piano and then dinner then 5 minutes of piano again and sleep!

How can I break up my rehearsal time into smaller pieces that are achievable?

Same like organize my schedule i could even go to the music room at lunch or break so then I can practice or even finish my work for music. I think the better way is to practice at home because you have quiet time and you can take as long as you want.


My Finished Tutorial Reflection

In Design class we have been working on our tutorial and making it better by editing the last final touches. I think my finished tutorial was good. 1 thing I learned while researching tutorials and making my tutorial was thats its so much easier with subtitles if you’re not talking or if your doing something that you can do indoors like how to make popsicle stick house or anything like that!

Connect:Before we created our tutorials we had to think of the features that would be the most important in our tutorial, for me the subtitles were important, the cropping, zooming in/out, fast forward/slow motion,step by step of course, and not to move the camera so much while recording, unfortunately it happened :(. You need subtitles if they think your going to fast they read it, cropping because I took the video with my iPod and I took it landscape so when I imported it to my laptop it was too small so I made it bigger, zooming because if you’re making something out of origami and you want to show a fold or plead it’ll be better to zoom, fast forward/slow motion because if something you’re doing is going to take a long time like peeling potatoes or doing the same folds over and over again etc, step by step because its easier to understand, and not moving the camera to much while recording because it will be hard for the audience to see while you’re shaking so much. I think I met most of my specifications except inspiring and giving ideas and introduction because my introduction wasn’t so detailed and fancy or something new that other people thought of. For my video instead of a clip I put a photo because my balloons kept on popping so what I did was I took a picture, made it bigger, and wrote subtitles for what to do.  I did change things on my tutorial instead of copying the storyboard. Somehow taking retakes actually helped me because when I showed what would happen if the chocolate was too hot, the retake helped because the balloon would pop and that was the clip I needed! 🙂

Extend: When I was giving a few tips on how to make it better I gave some topping and what kind of chocolate to use ideas sort of thing. An idea that pushed me to make my video better was watching the video I was inspired by and other videos that are on the same topic because you know nobody can have the same tutorial.

Wenyu’s Blog! 

I learned how to bake potato chips of course and I also learned what her important features were, as well as what she changed during the tutorial.

Anisa’s Blog! 

Kai’s Blog

Sara’s Blog

Challenge: I don’t have so many questions because I think I did pretty well also nothing is challenging for me anymore because I have gotten more confident of myself and learned more!! Actually i think there has to be at least 1 thing challenging for me and that is doing this reflection. Na! Just Kidding! My tutorial was going fine until i accedentlly made a few mistakes somehow my entire tutorial went kaboom AHAHA it switched places so i had to put all my clips back in order then after I finished that i took a tiny break and it happened again that was really frustrating for me. When I had to share my tutorial or

I enjoyed making my video and editing it I also asked a few friends how they thought of it even a few teachers to get there feedback. something i want to improve on is getting used to iMovie, trying new things, making my tutorial different from others, introductions (future tutorials), and using different techniques & a pattern of how to make the tutorial.

Here’s My Tutorial: