The Long-lost Civilization Reflection

What did you learn about civilizations?

What i learned about civilizations is that the have an ancient story (myth) but not all civilizations do. I know that all civilizations are different in lots of ways. Some civilizations are different by being polytheistic which means believing more than one god or monotheistic which means believing only one god, having different types of food and clothing like the Chinese or Japanese, even the money in all countries they have a king or queen on the money dollar or buck.  Link to my website (beliefs and region page)

Sometimes the jobs in civilizations are useless or other shops are buying other shops so then more people come to buy more “stuff” from there store but the real thing is they are making it worse because there are now less jobs.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.30.54 PM

What did you learn about doing a BIG project?

What i learned is that it takes a lot of effort to make a blog which you haven’t ever used even though i made one already which is my school blog and the other one is the projects blog. We had to personalize it, make it easy to navigate with, add a menu, categories, pages…   Entire website

i didn’t want my blog to be so simple but not complicated either. i wanted my blog to make sense with what the project is about not like gummy bears has my background when my website is about civilizations!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.23.57 PM

This was really complicated at first!!


What are you proud of?

What i am proud of is how my website looks and how i used my imagination. Using walnuts and pines as money and having gods which are animals I sometimes think that i went to far with beliefs and religion and the way of life because i named the gods and the god which ruled the city was named bubbles??!!! Something else i’m proud of is how well i used my time and put effort into most of my drawings.


Printmaking Critique

First of all, we drew were browsing images of other cultured patterns like Istanbul, Italy, india, and Chinese. What i was trying to create was a interlocking pattern, which means connecting the sides, bottom and top. When i was trying i first thought of doing a pattern for Canadian culture but then i thought i should do indian culture because there are more patterns. I first thought of making the colours more of a snowy kind like purple, white, blue ink but then i thought of doing bright colours like pink, orange, yellow, and red ink like polychromatic We first did a practice drawing and then carved it. I changed my ideas A LOT. We had to carve then negative space out which means the background and make the negative space and positive space balanced. Positive space means the shapes in easier form.

This is the picture of the first idea:

Photo on 4-23-15 at 11.43 AM


What i think i did really well was carving the plate because i had a lot of circles. I had to solve problems like thinking of which pattern i should do confused or simple or in between. Something i could do better is take more time on carving the plate so then the ink would get a rounder shape. when printing i don’t think i payed enough attention because i peeled off the coloured paper it looked spongy on the paper for some reason and it looked like i did not care. For example, my paper had air bubbles and when it dried up its looked like very tiny circles in each line i drew. What i think I should have improved on is A, cultural influence B, Creative thinking and C, Personal influence which is, the pattern has to be from your culture and mine is india. Creative thinking is when you add your own something which is going to make your pattern look like a pattern. And finally personal influence is what i love or like, for example i like flower petals and i put that in my pattern.

Picture colour print:

Photo on 4-23-15 at 11.47 AM


I think Istanbul, Turkey and india inspired my to create this pattern because those patterns have petals or flowers on them.  I thought of the colors and the circles myself but with a little bit of help of Mr. Reed because i had difficulties on making the sides interlock with the circles because the paper was not even. I also thought that Canadian patterns influenced me because there were lots of maple leafs on them because its on the flag but anyway it influenced me by having circles on the tops to the sides can interlock really well.



I think what we should change is instead of doing colour printing your own pattern we should use only animals or objects which you like and then create a really complicated pattern. If not i think we should get our work done without rushing because you wont get a good piece of art and a good motif.

Rhythm Unit Reflection

In this unit we learned about composition creating a creative piece with a Djembe which is an african drum. I had a group and they were awesome! I think we did a good job because we were focused and we got most of the composition done on our second lesson. I was happy with how it turned out at the end when we performed in the class. on the last page my group let me write down the notes and dynamics and we all add a hard time playing it, i think i made it too confusing! If you don’t know what dynamics are, they are just the way you play it loud to soft or soft to loud. Here are a few other composition parts:

– Dynamics

– Tempo – Which means the speed of how you are playing

– Rests & beats- which means stopping and take a short 2 second rest in the composition.

– Repeating- which means playing the same thing over again at a different point of the song.

– Rhythm – Repeating a pattern of music

At the end we asked our music teacher Mr. Johnston to help us play the last part which I wrote. We all played it at the same time which sounded like a jumble and made it sounded awkward.  My goal is to get better at writing notes. I think you can use rhythm in anything, like drums,piano, guitars its literally just repeating a pattern which is music .


Drama: Improv Tournament

So, in Drama class we have being doing lots of games and tournaments and my group and i did these type:

How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

I think that I used offer and acceptance in this video because when Kate said “there’s another ice cream stalk over there” then I didn’t say no its a house with an ice cream sign or anything. I accepted it by saying “ooh, it’s chocolate! YUMMY!”. I think I used it in the right way and I also offered a little bit because I said “It’s all over my hand now’ and Kate said “me too!” also Akiko she said ” do you guys want some?”.


In what ways could I improve my performance?

What I could have improved on is talk a little more and offer because I usually accept other offerings, but the problem is that I can think of something that will make sense because I can’t think of anything whileI’m talking or listen and that’s what improv technically is and I can’t do it so well!


How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

I think I could use these skills I have learned in a play or performance if I act dramatic or sarcastic and also, if I make something (a word, action) up at the spot. We also learned verbal drama and actions which Ican use while I‘m talking I can make something up like ” It’s getting late” and tap my wrist.


I think i got a 4/8 on this because i wasn’t to loud and i didn’t offer so much and i might have blocked a liitle when i said ” Can we buy another one i don’t really like strawberry ice cream”