Music Piano Reflection

Thinking out loud: By Ed Sheeran

Step 1. I tried to find the right music sheet but i couldn’t so i went onto youtube and searched up thinking out loud piano easy and I thought that synthesia would be easier to learn from and it was.

Step 2. Because i have played he piano a little bit before,  so it was easy for me to do the hand movements even thought i wasn’t doing it correctly!

Step 3. Next I recorded my practice video of playing the song. I tried to master but i couldn’t. (By the way i did not do the left hand). I could not do the left hand because its is really hard for me to coordinate with both hands.

Step 4. After that i recorded my final piece and i kinda achieved my goal but i did have a few mistakes.

Step 5. Now i tried to look at the proper sheet on google. I found one and here it is.


Step 6. After that i added a legend of what colour my leaps are, my contours and phrases.

Step 7. After i added the legend i started to add the leaps, contours and phrases. It was a little hard for me to find the right spots because i didn’t understand it that much.

And thats how succeeded my work!

here is the warmup exercise:


I think that the warmup exercise is important before you start because it help you remember your finger placements and it also helps your finger muscles move. So, when you get the hang of your right hand, try your left hand, when you get the hang of that try them both together.


  • What do I need to learn
  • I think i need to learn how to coordinate with both hand while i play a piece or a song. and try to practice my crossovers like when i put my thumb under or my pinky under.
  • Why is it important to learn?  What outcome will it have on my performance?
  • I think it is important to learn how we can play the piece just by listening to it and try to find the right key for that part and play the song/piece without looking t the notes or even knowing them.
  • How will I learn it?
  • I think i can learn it by asking my friends how to do this or that if they know how to play the piano well or ask my teacher.  I can also learn it by listening to each sound and trying to find out what sound is which keynote.
  • How will I warmup on my instrument?
  • I will still be playing the piano for my performance and also the same song but i thin i can improve on it by practicing at home and recording more videos so i can listen to it and see how i sound on the video and count how many mistakes i made and try to fix them.
  • How did I do this week?
  • I think i did a good job this week, because when i do my HW i always take a break by watching something or eating something, but this time instead of watching something i practiced my piano piece. I think it help because i got better at do multiple tasks at once. This helped me with piano because i look at the screen but i don’t always look down to the keys. i can play the notes without looking. Its kinda like typing on your keyboard on your laptop.
  • What should I work on for next week?
  • I think i should work on my left hand because i need help with playing it at the same time! 🙂





Q: what did I improve on and how.

So, i think i kind of failed in this video because the timing of the music wasn’t correct. I think i went to fast. Something which i think i did a good job on was i can remember the song now but i still make some mistakes by forgetting the next keynote and usually because i don’t play the song with the right fingering.

I think I still need to improve on the speed and timing of the song. And the staccato and lagotto or something like that.

How i started to practice my piece;

Step 1: I did the warm up piece but I didn’t post it.

Step 2: I practiced my piece and recorded it many times to find the errors and mistakes. and i used the best one for the ones i posted on my blog.





I tried this on my Ipad and it kinda worked!