Projets de week-end.


1. What are Isabelle’s plans for tomorrow?

shopping, dance lessons,  and there is a free time.

2.What day and time of day is it?

Friday afternoon. Dance lessons in the morning, shopping in the afternoon, and free time in the night.

3. Can you name three places where Mathieu suggests they go?

Patrick Bruel’s concert, the zoo, and the cinema.

4. Can you name three things that Isabelle prefers to do?

Visiting the Eiffel Tower, going to the Promenade au palais de Chaillot, , and going to the Sacré-Cœur.

5. What do they finally agree to do? What problem remains?

Going to the cinema. The problem remaining, is that Isabelle does not like any horror movies.


Activity 2

True or False


  1. Isabelle aime aller au zoo. Faux
  2. Isabelle a un cours de danse. Vrai
  3. Mathieu aime la musique de Patrick Bruel. Vrai
  4. Isabelle aime bien les musées. Faux
  5. Isabelle veut voir un film d’horreur dimanche après-midi. Faux


Activity 3

Mets les phrases en ordre d’après Projets de week-end.


1. Isabelle propose d’aller au palais de Chaillot.

2. Mathieu propose d’aller au zoo.

3. Isabelle propose d’aller au Sacré-Cœur.

4. Mathieu ne veut pas faire de promenade.

5. Isabelle refuse d’aller au concert.

6. Isabelle accepte d’aller au cinéma.




Activity 4

Choisis les activités qu’Isabelle veut faire et les activités que Mathieu préfère.


Mathieu: aller voir un film d’horreur, aller à un concert, aller au musée,

aller au zoo.


Isabelle: aller voir un film comique, faire une promenade au palais de Chaillot,

faire un tour en bateau, aller au Sacré-Cœur.



Activity 5

Match Mathieu’s suggestions for weekend activities with Isabelle’s refusals.


1. Tu veux aller au concert de Patrick Bruel?

2. Tu veux aller au Louvre?

3. Tu veux aller au zoo?

4. Tu veux aller voir Dracula?


a. Désolée, mais je déteste les zoos.

b. Désolée, mais je préfère aller voir un film comique.

c. Désolée, mais je n’aime pas trop les musées.

d. Désolée, mais je n’ai pas envie.


1 et d

2 et c

3 et a

4 et b



Activity  6

How would you react to Mathieu and Isabelle’s suggestions for the weekend? Which would you choose to do? Why? Compare your answers with a partner’s.


First of all I would be tired of having a conversation like this. I would just agree on Mathieu, and go to the zoo. We would be probably going, because there is a majority that we would be going to the zoo, because Mathieu and both agree. Well it depends whether Isabelle agrees/disagrees.

My Drama Speech

In drama class, we have been planning speeches. We had to choose a topic between aliens, the future, fashion and I forgot the rest.

In my speech, I think I did a good job but what I completely messed up on was the projection and pitch of my voice. My classmates said that I was really quiet and it was a little hard for them to hear me. When i was practicing at home, I didn’t seem to mess up at all because there was nobody in front of me, but when i was presenting i was so nervous i forgot some of my lines and started stammering and freaking out. One problem i always have when I present a speech is that I make up something and then it sound weird because I was using palm cards so then if i made something up ( but still a real fact) then it wouldn’t sound natural it would sound like “Also, there like something called um a …… and sometimes people wear these clothes like really weird clothes and…..” a lot more. I think that the palm cards really helped because i did remember my speech but i knew i would mess up a little. I had a lot of information and my speech turned out to be longer than what was expected. Some of my gestures didn’t even make sense, one because I couldn’t do many gestures and gestures for me is a normal thing when i talk casually with my friends or family. 

I think my best skill was:

My information itself and how i didn’t fiddle much with my palm cards and my posture was also ok.

I think i need to improve on been louder and  clearer.

7B Drama: Informative Speech9 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


Some one who i think did a pretty good job is:

7B Drama: Informative Speech3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think he did a good job because he was loud and clear.I liked how he used pictures to make it more interesting. His gestures weren’t so annoying there were pretty good because its was calm and wasn’t like all over the place.

Bass line challenge



Piano (medium)


Piano ( hard)

I did mess up a little on all of them, if not i went a little too fast and pressed a few wrong keys and stopped in the middle but overall i think i improved from last year.

How I would rehearse to improve these videos:

I would start practicing more and getting used to playing the left hand and playing my right hand. I can also go a lot slower and take videos of every time I try playing one piece and watch them to see what I could improve on. I need to improve on parts when I stop so I can go smoothly and do the whole song without stopping.