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Domestic Violence


January 2018

Who Are The Victims Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence usually targets women but men and children are victims of domestic violence too. The question most people ask is¬† ” Why does domestic violence always target women? “. This is a debatable¬†question because many people think that women… Continue Reading →

Countries Where Domestic Violence Is Still Legal

The countries where Domestic violence is still legal is: Lebanon Congo Armenia Egypt Yemen latvia Iran Pakistan Niger New Jersey This means that the government does not have a proper system and does not take action to help the victims… Continue Reading →

How Are Children Impacted by Domestic Violence

Many children are victims of domestic violence and are also witnesses. Children and youth who are exposed to domestic violence suffer from emotional, mental, and social damage. Exposing a child to domestic violence can impact a child’s life a lot…. Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence Presentation

Types of Domestic Violence

Physical Abuse: Physical abuse is any physical behavior, threat, or harmful behavior within the home. Examples of Physical Abuse is: Slapping, hitting kicking, choking, drowning, burning, pulling hair, stabbing, and beating. It is a forcible physical restraint against her/his will…. Continue Reading →

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