Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse is any physical behavior, threat, or harmful behavior within the home.

Examples of Physical Abuse is: Slapping, hitting kicking, choking, drowning, burning, pulling hair, stabbing, and beating.

It is a forcible physical restraint against her/his will. Physical abuse is like holding the victim, whether it’s a female or male, as a hostage. In most cases, children, women, and men are victims of physical abuse but studies show that women are the biggest victims of domestic violence.

Sexual Abuse:

Sexual abuse is forcing the victim to do what the abuser says. The abuser forces the victim to do as they please. Sexual abuse can either be physical or verbal. Sexual abuse mainly targets women and female children. Sexual harassment is all over the world, in every part of a country. Sexual abuse is an important type of Domestic abuse since it leads to stalking and physical abuse. This is where victims of domestic abuse should not allow abusers or partners to butt-into their privacy and trap them inside their own homes.

Verbal Abuse:

Verbal abuse is threatening or embarrassing the victim. Abusive language is insulting and is used to threaten the victim.

An example is to threaten to kill the victim, their family member, children and etc.

Verbal abuse is emotional threats and abuse such as name calling, swearing, embarrassing and shaming the victim. Often, domestic violence abuser throws threats of physical violence such as killing or using a weapon.


Stalking is also one of the most important crimes. Stalking can cause many serious crimes which people are unaware of. The victim of stalking is the person getting stalked. By stalking, the victim feels unsafe and is unaware of what is going to happen. Stalking can cause physical injuries and threats to their privacy.