Many children are victims of domestic violence and are also witnesses. Children and youth who are exposed to domestic violence suffer from emotional, mental, and social damage. Exposing a child to domestic violence can impact a child’s life a lot. This can affect their development and growth, children may feel isolated and are unable to make friends.

Governments and Child Welfare Professionals need to understand this issue and take action that no child should be a victim of domestic violence within the home. The government should provide treatment and shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Children are victims and are exposed to domestic violence because they see, hear and experience abuse almost every day of their lives. This impacts them mentally and socially.  When a child experiences trauma or abuse due to domestic violence, it is difficult for them to grow in a healthy matter. Children will not be able to develop trust among their parents.

The most frequent question asked is ” why would someone stay with a person who abuses them every day?” Domestic violence happens to everyone. there are many stages of domestic violence and it is proven by the victims of domestic violence while they share their stories. Domestic violence happens to everyone, doesn’t matter by religion, race or gender. — This is a true story.

Children who are impacted and physically abused by abusers are more likely to become an abuser in the future. 1/3 women in America experience stalking EVERY DAY. 15 million children are abused every year. BREAK THE SILENCE… STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…

Children and teens exposed to domestic abuse are directly changed to a victim of child abuse. No person as the right to take over your privacy and control you within your own home.