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Expressing Yourself- Portrait Painting Critique


So, In art class we have been making a portrait of someone important or someone:

  1.  I am doing my older sisters portrait because my other sister has done my mom so i thought of doing her. What i expressed about my sister was the events and places she experienced when she was young. She visited france, korea, italy and more but i thought of doing france because of the Eiffel Tower, also because i want to go to france. I expressed this portrait of her by drawing the Eiffel Tower and then drawing her in the front. I asked the teacher how big people are compared to the Eiffel Tower. i was really stupid that time because i drew the entire Eiffel Tower and so my sister wouldn’t be important but the Eiffel Tower will be. I did find a good solution. Here is my planning:


Photo on 6-3-15 at 9.47 PM 2
My Planning


The artist that influenced me was half Paul Gauguin and half cartoon. I chose Paul Gauguin because i was browsing threw his paintings and i realized that he paints picture with more of the background showing but also the main person or animal or something. I also did cartooning because when i drew the Eiffel Tower, i thought that a realistic drawing of my sister would look a bit awkward so thats why i chose cartooning.

2. The colors i used were: grey mixed with a light blue, green, brown with red, yellow with orange, maroon, purple with white, and beige.

  • light blue light green= emerald green
  • I used primary colors and secondary colors by mixing primary to make a secondary color. tertiary colors mean mixing a primary color with a secondary color.
  • I used a few brush strokes for the Eiffel Tower to add black strokes to the grey also for the grass ( i added yellow). When the viewer looks at the painting i want them to focus on the person but i think they might focus on the Eiffel Tower because it’s tall and it looks like the main focus.
  1. I can describe the same person or idea but in a different way by:

– she could be looking at the Eiffel Tower.

–  she could be walking

– she can be having a picnic with someone

– she can also be drawing the Eiffel Tower while looking at it.

It is important that the portrait has the same idea from the 1st portrait because then you’re NOT expressing the SAME idea in ANOTHER way. Say if the 1st portrait is my planning  she is standing in front of the fence with the Eiffel Tower at the back. Now if i put her on the grass having a picnic with the Eiffel Tower as the background, its still the same idea i moved MY SISTER to the GROUND and i still have the Eiffel Tower behind her.



The meaning of portrait can be determined by both audience and artist because it is called a self portrait and also a portrait (which is of someone). I think that both artist and viewer’s interpretation is important because people have different perspectives and thoughts so if the viewer looks at the artists painting then they might think it’s an event that happened to him but the artist painted the portrait to what he thought or for fun.

Printmaking Critique

First of all, we drew were browsing images of other cultured patterns like Istanbul, Italy, india, and Chinese. What i was trying to create was a interlocking pattern, which means connecting the sides, bottom and top. When i was trying i first thought of doing a pattern for Canadian culture but then i thought i should do indian culture because there are more patterns. I first thought of making the colours more of a snowy kind like purple, white, blue ink but then i thought of doing bright colours like pink, orange, yellow, and red ink like polychromatic We first did a practice drawing and then carved it. I changed my ideas A LOT. We had to carve then negative space out which means the background and make the negative space and positive space balanced. Positive space means the shapes in easier form.

This is the picture of the first idea:

Photo on 4-23-15 at 11.43 AM


What i think i did really well was carving the plate because i had a lot of circles. I had to solve problems like thinking of which pattern i should do confused or simple or in between. Something i could do better is take more time on carving the plate so then the ink would get a rounder shape. when printing i don’t think i payed enough attention because i peeled off the coloured paper it looked spongy on the paper for some reason and it looked like i did not care. For example, my paper had air bubbles and when it dried up its looked like very tiny circles in each line i drew. What i think I should have improved on is A, cultural influence B, Creative thinking and C, Personal influence which is, the pattern has to be from your culture and mine is india. Creative thinking is when you add your own something which is going to make your pattern look like a pattern. And finally personal influence is what i love or like, for example i like flower petals and i put that in my pattern.

Picture colour print:

Photo on 4-23-15 at 11.47 AM


I think Istanbul, Turkey and india inspired my to create this pattern because those patterns have petals or flowers on them.  I thought of the colors and the circles myself but with a little bit of help of Mr. Reed because i had difficulties on making the sides interlock with the circles because the paper was not even. I also thought that Canadian patterns influenced me because there were lots of maple leafs on them because its on the flag but anyway it influenced me by having circles on the tops to the sides can interlock really well.



I think what we should change is instead of doing colour printing your own pattern we should use only animals or objects which you like and then create a really complicated pattern. If not i think we should get our work done without rushing because you wont get a good piece of art and a good motif.