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Drama DIY reflection

In drama class, we have been doing DIY’s and learning speeches and how to give a good speech using voice and gestures.

My partner Ebba and I did a DIY on playdough. It was pretty fun! we didn’t use the script much because it was something which everyone could see and we also kind of remembered it. IT was a DIY which you speak while you do it, such as adding water to flour, you don’t really need the script for that. Our Playdough project was kind of messy and took a while because of the mixing and everything.

I think we could improve on speaking loudly, well at i could improve on, because i seemed pretty quiet. I could also improve on not laughing at the mistakes i make because the audience can realize that you made a mistake. I think it would have been better if i spoke clearly and fluently because when i messed up it sounded very unclear. I think Ebba did a good job on speaking clearly and loudly but I think she could improve on not moving side to side so much.

What i think we did the best on is having everything organized before the show because we needed one cup of flour and we had it ready, and we didn’t even have to show the audience the cups. We also did a good job on connecting our lines and not ALWAYS looking at our script. What i think i could improve on again was that one time i stopped for a while to look at my script and see where i was, i could have just improvised and make up something. I think we also did a good job on helping each other in a way which isn’t mean or isn’t too obvious that someone messed up, such as when i gave the spoon to Ebba to start mixing. 

More about the project:

the playdough was set to an audience maybe our age or younger or even older if parents had to make it.

here is our video:

I also think that Kalea, AKiko and Wenyu did a good job on there DIY show.

I think they did a good job because they had good tone and were clear. They also showed the food and made the steps very clear. They did mess up a few times but it wasn’t very big.


My Drama Speech

In drama class, we have been planning speeches. We had to choose a topic between aliens, the future, fashion and I forgot the rest.

In my speech, I think I did a good job but what I completely messed up on was the projection and pitch of my voice. My classmates said that I was really quiet and it was a little hard for them to hear me. When i was practicing at home, I didn’t seem to mess up at all because there was nobody in front of me, but when i was presenting i was so nervous i forgot some of my lines and started stammering and freaking out. One problem i always have when I present a speech is that I make up something and then it sound weird because I was using palm cards so then if i made something up ( but still a real fact) then it wouldn’t sound natural it would sound like “Also, there like something called um a …… and sometimes people wear these clothes like really weird clothes and…..” a lot more. I think that the palm cards really helped because i did remember my speech but i knew i would mess up a little. I had a lot of information and my speech turned out to be longer than what was expected. Some of my gestures didn’t even make sense, one because I couldn’t do many gestures and gestures for me is a normal thing when i talk casually with my friends or family. 

I think my best skill was:

My information itself and how i didn’t fiddle much with my palm cards and my posture was also ok.

I think i need to improve on been louder and  clearer.

7B Drama: Informative Speech9 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


Some one who i think did a pretty good job is:

7B Drama: Informative Speech3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think he did a good job because he was loud and clear.I liked how he used pictures to make it more interesting. His gestures weren’t so annoying there were pretty good because its was calm and wasn’t like all over the place.