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Drama speech reflection

Well, in drama class we made a speech talking about an important person in our lives. Here is my speech:


I don’t think i was going too fast or too slow because i could understand it when i was watching it and when i was presenting it to the class, they weren’t making any faces or using there hands to say “Slow down”.



I think i paused at the right time because every time i was starting a new topic ( for me its: talking everyday, time diff/ daily lives, and etc).  I think maybe i went a little bit to fast in the beginning because when i said ” My best friends name was Alison” i messed up at “was” because i was talking a little to fast. I would give myself a 5/8 if i had to grade myself.


facial expression:

In the beginning i made a mistake by moving my head a lot or tilting it. Maybe it wasnt a mistake maybe it was a good thing?! I did pop my eyes out which made it look weird but it was still part of  facial expressions.


Hand movement:

I used hand movement but only when i messed up. I also shrugged my shoulders a lot. I think i should have smiled more and talk louder but this connects to pace and tone.


The questions:

My best skill was facial expressions because i twitched my eye and tilted my head. I should improve on hand movement because for the topic for my speech i think it requires hand movement. i would rate my speech as 4/8.


Drama: Improv Tournament

So, in Drama class we have being doing lots of games and tournaments and my group and i did these type:

How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

I think that I used offer and acceptance in this video because when Kate said “there’s another ice cream stalk over there” then I didn’t say no its a house with an ice cream sign or anything. I accepted it by saying “ooh, it’s chocolate! YUMMY!”. I think I used it in the right way and I also offered a little bit because I said “It’s all over my hand now’ and Kate said “me too!” also Akiko she said ” do you guys want some?”.


In what ways could I improve my performance?

What I could have improved on is talk a little more and offer because I usually accept other offerings, but the problem is that I can think of something that will make sense because I can’t think of anything whileI’m talking or listen and that’s what improv technically is and I can’t do it so well!


How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

I think I could use these skills I have learned in a play or performance if I act dramatic or sarcastic and also, if I make something (a word, action) up at the spot. We also learned verbal drama and actions which Ican use while I‘m talking I can make something up like ” It’s getting late” and tap my wrist.


I think i got a 4/8 on this because i wasn’t to loud and i didn’t offer so much and i might have blocked a liitle when i said ” Can we buy another one i don’t really like strawberry ice cream”

Drama Offer & Accept Scenes

So this is what we have recently been doing in Drama Class:

How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?
Well, you know you  aren’t supposed to block or else the act gets REALLY boring. We are playing a game and we call it the “Yes Game”. We called it the “Yes Game” because we should block and so we’re practicing saying “yes” before every sentence. It was fun we played it Boys vs Girls! Usually you can’t create and act without starting it without a sentence or a word and that’s called offering you offer someone to do what they say. Acceptance is when accept what the person offered you. Say if i started a story with ” Hey, Alison! What are you doing here in the cinema hall? She would accept it maybe by this ” Well, I came to watch a movie with my family”. If i asked her the same question and she blocked it, it would be something like this None of your business Salonee!” now that’s what you call that BLOCKING. I don’t think my partner or I blocked each other.
In what ways could I improve my performance?
A way i could improve my performance by using more action and being more louder and make expressions.
How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

I could stop blocking and start creating more and more ideas during the performance and like the Yes Game think ideas really fast to keep the story going.

6C Drama: Offer and Accept Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.