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Before and after Industrial Revolution

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I think that the industrial revolution change the world because nowadays people have phones in there hands but before they used to have a book. Technoglogy was a really big change for the world, it created television, phones, computers and more. The¬†industrial revolution change the people because the people got new things and they also had more job chances. It changed the way people looked at things and also made more and useful machines which now people use everyday. The bad impact that the industrial revolution made was there was pollution which cause people to become sick because they weren’t used to it and lots of forests and old buildings were destroyed just to make factories and machines. More negative ways they IR change the world was crime because the goods were improving and people wanted more of the goods. Some really big changes that change the world of course was the transportation, the railroad was invented and slowly things were improving and cars and bikes and motorbikes were made, But before hte animals were used to carry people around in carrigdes. in other countries things weren’t working at the same pace, some countries were very slow at producing things and some were very fast. In other countries they were also job losses and so the family or people had to move to another country which could be a good or bad experience because of how the new country was going to be, like very high tech or still like farming.