Showcase Portfolio 7




I think i did a good job on communication in japanese because i got a few good grades. At the beginning of Japanese the unit was a little confusing but with a little bit of help from my friends and classmates sitting beside me i got better and i also helped them so they kind of understood too. I emailed my teacher a few times. 



I think that in humanities i communicated well with my classmates but not so much with my teacher because i was getting kind of confused about the assignments and projects and i was a little scared to ask the teacher for some reason. After a few weeks i got better at communicating with the teacher because i also understood the teacher really well and then the questions i was going to ask the teacher i thought to myself what would she say for example: “What are the maximum pages for the comic book?” She would say “Check the TSC!”. oO i understood that. here is my comic book.  This year i felt like i didnt do such a good job on improving grades but i made them lower. i think i didnt get such good grades in humanities this year because i guess i wasn’t paying good attention and i was partnered up with people im not really comfortable with.



In science class, the best grade i think i got was a 6 which im ok with because im really not so good at science… 🙂  For the atoms unit.. IT WAS VERY CONFUSING FOR ME. I should have asked the teacher to help me but instead i stayed confused and didn’ t even ask my classmates. when i did ask my classmates some of them would say idk or wait let me finish this first. so ya it was my mistake. I think that i did a good job on the metals in YIS project. Link



I math class I think i improved a lot on grades and i understood really well. There are two tests which im really proud of because i never got an 8 in math :(. One was the Pythagorean Triples project which was really easy and also the Magic M&M’s project. Other then the two i still got good enough marks for math class. Some of the tests i didnt get the best marks but at least i didnt get a 1 or 2. Here is the test. 



i think that in P.E i did a really good job in dancing because i dance a lot. During the basketball unit i wasnt so good at it because basketball was never my thing. Even in my old school i wasnt that good!

the dance unit i got an 8 because i really like dancing and because i had a cooperating partner, Yoshie, she was really helpful and gave me suggestions for where i should fix my mistake and i did to we were giving feedback so i think in P.E i communicated really well. Here is the dance. link



I really enjoyed Design class because it was a fun unit andi was always interested in tech. Well kind of…:) I think i improved on using different startegies and fixing my own IT problems such as Wifi problems or storage or crashing without going to the It office. I had good people around me to work with such as Risa, Yoshie, and Asumi. Our unit was on bad character and it was really fun because we could sculp our own new character and here is the new model Link. I really wish we had a longer time in design class. I communicated well with my classmates and the teacher because most of the things i understood really well and the unit was a fun project so i didn’t need to stress so much.





I think i was open-minded in english because when i read a book i dont like reading  other books at the same time because when i get back to reading the first book i mix other ideas with it so its good i sometimes didn’t bring a book because i usually read one of Mr.Hutton’s books and they are really interesting. I made good decisions

For french i think i been improving really well because i used to study french. i got really good marks and we also made a video about surveys. I think i improved a lot from last year. here are some tests.



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