Nature VS Nurture INS

Nature is the way that you born, or the ability that you have from the childhood. genes that you received from your parents   For example, monkey can climb up the tree so easily. That is the nature genes from the forefather.

Nurture is the way you learn, or the ability you received by practice. It does not related to the genes. For instance, You can play soccer very well, but your parents can not play any sports. You can play well because you practiced and you learnt.

Dragon days reflections


Designing our project was… Designing our project was very interesting and I thought this is the chance to make YIS clean.
Reasons I liked working with my group People has their own character, so when we argue about the project I could hear lots and lots of ideas.
ATL skills that I used well I think I have some leadership. So I give them some ideas.
Great moments along the way It was very fun to film the video. When we act sometimes I saw some funny fails.
One thing I learned from another group I learned from Kai.H’s group that we can make the soccer field on top of the building.    
Next time, I will Next time I’ll join to Kai.H’s group the make the soccer field on top of the building.
Something awesome that I contributed I want to contribute to the soccer firld.