GCD Leadership

This year is my first time to play for high school boys soccer team. Thankfully I had been chosen for vice-captain of varsity. I am the youngest player, and at the time, when I have chosen for a vice-captain, I was so surprised, and I thought I won’t do well. So afraid of leading elder students. Coach told me why have I chosen for a┬ávice-captain. I promised to coach that I cannot lead, like protect other players, but I can keep the mood of the team positive. Therefore, I am trying to keep the teams’ mood positive and enthusiastic.

I needed to keep teams’ mood positive and enthusiastic, because in future when I become 12th grade, I might become a captain. Therefore, I need to have this experience to be able to lead. And this is wonderful opportunity to experience that.

In this season, unfortunately, I have a very bad concussion, and could not participate to WJAA at Kobe. I could’ve gone with the team, but I took academics more important. From next season, I will participate to the team more, and lead teams even better.