Wilderness engagement_Expedition

In this years expedition, we went to a mountain in Nagano and we did a 3-day hike/camp where we set up our own tents each night and held our own bags with all of our stuff. We walked to different camp areas each day, and also made our dinner on the last camping night.

In the expedition, I learned that it is important to stick together as a group when doing hikes. I was experienced at Hiking holding heavy bags, as I have done two outward bound trips of 3-day hiking holding over half of my body weight up a mountain, and, at a different occasion,  climbed Mt. Fuji. But some people were not as experienced, and we had a variety of experienced levels when hiking. I learned that by sticking together as a group, we communicate more and it is easier for us to create positive relations with each other. I saw that it is especially important in the wilderness, or less urban areas, as there are fewer people, and by not sticking together in a group could lead to some others feeling they have no interaction with other humans.

During the camp, there were times when communication was lost, and things didn’t go as we would have wanted it to. It was particularly hard when a particular person didn’t want to help out and just took advantage of the other people doing all the work. We all confessed that we are all tired and we don’t want to do it, but he still didn’t care, and only cared about himself. This was a realisation point for me that for some people, it isn’t worth arguing with, and no matter how much others are struggling, there are people that will not help. This led me to become a less self-centred person, and care about others when possible. From the next day onwards I connected and interacted with as many people as possible and made sure that everyone’s needs are suited.

I am willing to do a camp again, and I certainly would like to. Though I would like to go to a different place, I think that going again would mean that I could interact with people that I usually do not interact with, creating more connections and relations with others, both positive but also negative, which I believe is needed to keep a viable strong connection with others.