Grade 9 Expeditions

During this years field studies I had a great time. Not only was it nice to spend time with friends but the trip also taught me how to become more self-suffiecent as I had to carry my clothes, food and parts of the tent during the hike. Once again field studies showed me how important teamwork is in many situations and that working well with other people. For example I could have never setup the tent by myself but with the help of my peers we got it done anyway. Another important factor that made this years field studies so enjoyable and successful was the fact that everyone helped each other during the long hikes, like giving someone some water or helping decide which path to take, without those important contributions the experince would have been a whole lot different. I really looking forward to next years filed studies and hope that is as fun and educational as the last.

First two weeks of 9th Grade

I have really enjoyed the first two weeks of school. Seeing all my friends again, talking to them after the summer has really made my school life more enjoyable. But also being back in Japan after having left for so long has had a positive affect on me. For me 9th grade has not been as different as 8th grade as I expected it to be. New classrooms, new teachers all the standard stuff you expect from going into a new school year. Overall the first two weeks of school have been an enjoyable time for me, seeing all my friends again and joining clubs that were not available to middle schoolers, like tennis. I am looking forward to this school year, hoping it will be filled with new adventures just like the last.

Nature vs Nurture

Is our behaviour dictated by our genes or our environment?

I believe that both our genes and our environment affect our actions and lives. Why both? Well we are born with individual attributes, this means that some people will genetically have black hair whilst others will have brown. But I do think that our genes affect more than this, for example some people are born with special physical attributes, which can help them succeed in a certain task with more ease, like people with long fingers may find it easier to play the piano. But having these physical attributes does not yet mean that this person will become amazing at a certain task were his/her physical attribute comes in handy, for example people with long fingers don’t have to be good at piano because they were never taught it. And here is were nurture comes into play, if your environment lets you use your use your attributes and lets you practice the certain task were your attributes might be beneficial you will probably do it. But if your environment does not give you the option to practice and discourages you from doing the task you will probably not do it.

Another example of nature vs nurture is what types of foods you like and dislike. We as humans are all born with diffrent preferences of foods due to our taste buds being diffrent from one another. So some people might like pizza just because they like it. On the other hand if your parents and peers dont let you try it you will never find out that you like it.

Spanish video

Link: Video

100 words about me in Spanish

Un beso  


Me llamo León y yo tengo trece anos, y tu. Nacionalidad de alemán. mi pelo es de color marrón. Yo soy dos hermanos y tres hermanos en mi familia.

Asistir a la escuela en Yokohama International School. A mi escuela es pequeño. Me gusta hacer deportes como jugar al basketball, jugar al tenis y gusto mucho jugar al fútbol. Me gusta comer carne, a cereal y chocolate. No me gusta comer la fruta. Yo soy inteligente, es muy atlético y un poco perezoso, y tu. Me gusta beber la agua, refrescos y jugo. No me gusta beber el vino, es horrible.   


Un Saludo    

Leon LL.


Words I looked up:  

  1. Asistir

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