Humanities – Child Labor

In Humanities, right now we are learning about child labor. Recently, we did a trial on should child labor be aloud, with our whole class. I was a little girl named Emily Small, and my lawyer was Ayaka who was James Bacon. What do people need to know about child labor? I think that child […]

Grade 9 expeditions reflection

This year for field studies, we went to Niigata to do a three-day hike up the mountains. Through this experience, I think I learned many important things about my self as a person, and also about my self in different communities. The first thing I noticed as soon as I got to the lodge was […]

Comparing Japan and South Africa in development

 Indicators Japan South Africa Development  Japan is one of the MEDC, and has lots of people living in a small space. It doesn’t have many natural recourses, but it is developed in technology and there are many high paying jobs.  South africa is one of the Mixed economy countries and although some parts are starting to get […]

Reflection on world religions unit

Backward-Looking: Before I started on this unit, I had not much of knoledge in any of the religions. I think that one reason is because I do not believe in any particular religion, but I think it is also because I knew there were so many of the religions and did not feel like researching […]

Dragon Day Refliection

DRAGON DAYS REFLECTION Designing our project was… Very fun and it also made us used our imagination and creativity to make the solution to the problem we wanted to solve. We had the opportunity to look at the problem we had and how to solve it with our own thoughts, and when we were coming […]

What we could do to live in mars.

Some scientists have been thinking about the possibility of not being able to live on earth. Then where will we live? Well, there is the planet that is closes to us, Mars! There has been traces of  water, and we think that in the future, we will be able to send people to live on […]