Grade 9 expeditions reflection

This year for field studies, we went to Niigata to do a three day hike up the mountains. Through this experience, I think I learned many important things about my self as a person, and also about my self in different communities. The first thing I noticed as soon as I got to the lodge was that I was a person that gets cold very easily. I kind of knew that from my experience in winter, and I was glad I packed warm clothes that could help me be warmer. Another thing that I realised about my self was that I want to be helpful to the people around me as much as I can. If someone was having trouble packing their bags, I tried to help by thinking about how to use the space in the bag well and compact to fit everything in, and would help them with it. I am not very experienced in camping out doors, but because I had experience hiking I felt like I could help others during the hike on slippery roads or muddy paths by giving the people around me a hand and asking if they were stable.

Some things that were a challenge to me in expeditions were the cold, the rain and the packing of my own bag. As I said, the mountains were way colder than in the city, and because I am a person that gets cold easily, it was very easy for me to get cold quickly and to start wanting another layer of clothing. On the hike, I had my fleece, down jacket, and rain jacket with me so that I wouldn’t be cold when we got to the campsight. I think I developed self reliance through this experience because I needed to care for the clothes that I was wearing, and think about how I could adjust my clothing to be at a comfertable temperature. Because no one else could know if I was hot or cold, I needed to rely on my self to take of my jacket and tie my hair when I was hot, and to put on my jacket before I get too cold, for instance when we were taking a lunch rest. The second challenge which was the rain was hard because on the first and second day, it rained at night and when we went on the actual hike it was not raining but the path was all muddy and slippery. I think this helped everyone develop self reliance and also trust to others because you can only rely on your self for where you step but you can notify others where you step. Next time if I were to do the hike again, I would like to make sure that all my equipments are where I can reach is easily so that while I am hiking, it will be easy for me to keep track and access what I need from my bag.

I don’t know What role I was in my expedition group, but I hope that I was able to be a person that can care for others. If someone needed something or had a question, I tried to be there to help for that person. I think that hiking the wilderness and the mountains helped me to be relaxed a little bit more than usual, and I also think that I was able to get closer with my group mates and other people in my grade through expeditions. Remembering the experience in expeditions, I wish that I could be a even more nice person and think about others when someone could need help. I think that in field studies the most fun part was spending my time in the tent with my tent group, and also playing gaga outside of the lodge. I look foward to next years expeditions as well!

Comparing Japan and South Africa in development

 Indicators Japan South Africa
Development  Japan is one of the MEDC, and has lots of people living in a small space. It doesn’t have many natural recourses, but it is developed in technology and there are many high paying jobs.  South africa is one of the Mixed economy countries and although some parts are starting to get developed, many people in the country are still poor and can not afford some things.
Birth rate The birth rate is the number of births per 1000 in one year. The birth rate for japan was 8.17, and comparing to South Africa with the birth rate of 20.4, you can see that Japan has a low birth rate. This is because for japan, the people have less needs to have more children. Japan is a very highly developed countries with more docters to cure diseases and help support the people living in the country, so there is less chance of the childs dying before they can get a stable job. Also in Japan, because there are more jobs due to the high development, it is also easier to get a stable income to support the parents. Mainly because of these two reasons, Japan has a low and stedily decreasing birth rate. The birth rate of South Africa is 20.4 and by comparing it to Japan, you can see that the birth rate is significantly higher than Japan. The main reason that the birth rate is higher than Japan is because of the opposit of Japan. When Japan is very developed and has many jobs, South Africa is less developed, and has less stable jobs. Also because they can not have many docters to cure the deseases, the death rate will be higher as well, and less people will live until they can support their parents. This means that if you do not have many children, there could be many things that could happen that would mean that the parents will not have enough support when they retier, and there is more of a need to have more children.screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-11-19-55-am
Population growth The population growth is the rate that the population grows in. The population growth in Japan is 0.287, and you can see by the number that this is a very low, infact this means that the population is decreacing. This might mean that Japan has a high death rate, but it also means we have less and less childs every year. With the low birth rate that we have now, we do not have enough kids compared to the adults in Japan, and we have more people dying in a year than people that are born. This will lead to many problems when more of the adults retier and the younger people are left to work because with a decreasing population, you could never get ehough people to work on the jobs we have right now. screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-11-16-44-am In comparison to Japan, South Africa has the population growth of 1.18, which is rather small but still increasing. This means that although the population is steady and there are almost as many people dying as they are born, but still it is increasing little by little. When the populaiton growth gets lower than one, the population will be decreasing and will cause many issues but while the population is still growing, it is a good sign. With the birth rate of South Africa, it might seem like they should have a bigger rate for population growth, but because many people die from diseases and other things as well very easily in South Africa, it balances out to make the population growth almost 1.
Infant Mortality Rate The infant mortality rate is the average number of childs under the age of 5 dies in 1000. For japan, the infant mortality rate is 2.3 and that is a very low number. This shows that there is good medical care for young childrens, and there are docters in easy reach of the people, supporting the childeren’s health. The infant mortality rate for South Africa is 37.1, and comparing it to Japan, it is higher than we would like it to be. This shows that there are not many good medical care for the child and that many childs die at a small age, not making it past 5. This could be influenced by many other indicators such as docters per person or deaths from diseases. 
GDP per capita GDP per capita is basically the incum per person. They take the GDP and devides it by the number of people in the country. In Japan, the GDP per capita was 36.2k dollars, and that means that many of the people in Japan has a stable income and has enough money to support them selves, and to have a good condition in many things needed to live.  The GDP per capita n South Africa is 12.5k, and This is almost a third of the number Japan had. With lower GDP, it means that overall, the people living in that country might not be getting enough encomes and is less wealthier. It might mean that they do not have enough money to support their family, or to get good medication or homes to live in, and many other things that make life better as a person. 
Human Development Index (HDI) HDI or the Human Development Index is the number that comes from three kinds of indicators. The life expectancy, education, and GDP per capita. The HDI for Japan is 0.901, and this means that it has a high life expectancy, a high literacy rate, and a high GDP per capita. This might be that because the GDP per capita its high, the people in the country can pay attention to the education and medication of their family or for them selves. In another words, if you don’t have a high income, you can not get a high rate on the other indicators as well. This makes the HDI important and also a good indicator to see the differences of development between the countries.  In comparison with the high HDI that Japan has, South Africa has a HDI of 0.619. This means that maybe with the low income that they have, it is harder to get better education or medication for them selves. To improve the HDI as a country, they might need to have more people training to be docters and more jobs that can provide people with the money to get the medication and education that they want. 


Fertility rate The fertility rate is the the births per 1,000 women. For Japan, the fertility rate is 1.39. This means that people are only having around 1 child, and this will lead to a low population growth percentage because when our grandparents were childs, they had many more siblings than we do now. This means that the fertility rate was higher before, and it is decreasing.  The fertility rate for South Africa is 2.44, and it is not that high of a number, but still higher than Japan. The population is not increasing significantly showen with the population growth, and this is also because before, we had many more siblings in one family. 
Life expectancy Life expectancy is the average age that the people in the country lives. The life expectancy for Japan is 83.2, and it is very high. This means that there are good medications that are used by the people in the country, and many of the people use the medication so that they can get healthier and live longer. 


The life expectancy for South Africa is 61.3, and it is about 20 years younger than Japan. With modern technology, people should be able to live way longer, but with the fasilities they have in the country and with the amount of money they can afford on the technology, people are not able to get the best they can and tend to have a lower life expectancy rate. 

As you can see, development can be measured with many different indicators, and as we come along in the years, we get better at recording the development of many of the countries. Development can be measured in many ways, but I think it is important to have indicators that are consistant and can compare with the different countries around the world.

Reflection on world religions unit

Before I started on this unit, I had not much of knoledge in any of the religions. I think that one reason is because I do not believe in any particular religion, but I think it is also because I knew there were so many of the religions and did not feel like researching any of them because there were so many. When I started the unit, I found out that there was a religion that is based in Japan which was shintoism, and also a very free religion which is Buddhism. After I did my presentation for Shintoism, I had a better and deeper understanding of the religion and customs of shintoism. My final project was on Christianity and Buddhism, and because my presentation was on shintoism, I had to start my research from the beginning again to learn about the two religions. When I finished with my final project, I knew more about both of the religions and their beliefs.

I think that I did well in getting my research togeather and making a conclusion from my research. For my project, I like how it is focused in people’s beliefs instead of the history of everything because I think that the beliefs are more of what make a religion than the history and people behind it. I think that in my project, I successfully tell the difference and similarities between the beliefs of the religions. In my project, I enjoyed comparing the two religious schools and their beliefs, and finding the similarities and differences of the two.

I think I did not do anything that was dramaticaly different than the other people doing this project, but I think that I made sure to look back to my resource even when I was making the infographic in case I have a mistake in the interpitation of information in the research table. For example, when I was talking about what the christian schools want to teach, I had to look back at the resource again to find what the document really implied by what it wrote. Like this, I had a couple of times that I looked back to the actual source instead of my research sheet. I think that this helped me to rethink about the thoughts of religious schools.

Next time I make an infographic about religeon, I would like to use the format of the infographic more effectivly, because I feel like I didn’t use all the tools I could have used such as more of the icons and visual images. I think that this time I had more of a essay in different blocks than an infographic. Also, I want to improve with my information and research by getting more different sources. For this project, I feel like I had limited amount of resourses because lots of the documents were on the history of the religious schools and not many were on the beliefs of the school. Next time I make a project, I would like to spend more time on research and getting different sources, then finding the innformation that I really need, rather than having less sources and getting the most use out of that resource.

Dragon Day Refliection


Designing our project was… Very fun and it also made us used our imagination and creativity to make the solution to the problem we wanted to solve. We had the opportunity to look at the problem we had and how to solve it with our own thoughts, and when we were coming up with all the ideas and brain storm, I thought it was a great thing that we can contribute to the schols activities by making this project come true.
Reasons I liked working with my group I liked working with my group because we all liked art and had the same thought of making art in YIS a free subject that we can express ourselves as we want.
ATL skills that I used well I think that the ATL skills I used for this project was Reflecter, Thinker and challenger because we reflected on what we usually do in art class and what we would like it to be, and from that, made a solution and a project that we could let the  middle school do.
Great moments along the way Great moments along the way for me was when we were talking with our team about what we could do to solve the problem, and when we thought of a couple ideas and combined it together, to make an idea that everybody thought was a fun and interesting idea.
One thing I learned from another group One thing I learned from another group is that in YIS, we have a big community and we are all one school, K, ES, MS, and HS. The group took comments and names from all around the school and made it all into a poster with a dragon in the middle of it. I felt like when I look at that poster, I realise that YIS is together and once a dragon, you are always a dragon.
Next time, I will Make sure that we organize our time more wisely and contact the teachers we have to talk to before going to them. I think that if we did that, we could have had more time working on research, making our posters and informing people about what we were doing.
Something awesome that I contributed I contributed by keeping track with the time table, making the layout of our project, and also helping with the poster making when they needed help. I think that it was a good team and we worked togeather well to make our project.


What we could do to live in mars.

Some scientists have been thinking about the possibility of not being able to live on earth. Then where will we live? Well, there is the planet that is closes to us, Mars! There has been traces of  water, and we think that in the future, we will be able to send people to live on Mars if we do some preparations and adoptions. One problem of living in Mars is the food. What would we eat in Mars? Mars is a very dry planet, and you can not plant anything in Mars. If we can’t plant anything to eat, how would we live? I thought of two solutions for this problem. One is to send foods from Earth. This seems like a good idea, but it will cost a big about of money to get the supplies across to mars, and it will also not be so efficient because the people living in mars will have to wait for the food to come if something happens. A good thing about this would be that we could send mostly anything, and we will be able to eat things that is healthy and tasty that we want to eat. Another way is to plant vegetables in mars and harvesting them there. This will take a lot of time and money to get the facility organised and made so that you can plant things in mars. You could also bring plants that were already growing in earth and bring them to Mars with the roots and soil on them so that they could use photosynthesis to make oxygen, then we could make that into carbon dioxide for the plants. A good thing about planting in Mars is that you will have things to eat in Mars even if something goes wrong with Earth. To conclude, I think that it is better to have things planted in Mars instead of Earth because it might take time, but it will be easy once you know how to do it.


G7 Spanish Reflection

In this unit of Spanish, I think I especially have learnt more new vocabulary. One new understanding I have is a thing that I couldn’t remember before is that there is multiple ways to say ‘a’ and it is un una unos and unas. Another is about direct object pronouns, and that you can replace the word with los lasl a lo or before a conjugated verb or attached to a infinitive verb. A third thing that I now understand is the tan _ como expression, meaning as…as, but I haven’t been able to use it much so I will try to more. I think that this unit, it went well to have all the vocabulary for the unit on the back side of my booklet, because then it came into my site a lot and I could always see it easily. I think that next unit I will try to write the vocabulary on the back of my booklet as well next unit as well.