ATL Skills – 7th Grade


For collaboration, I think I demonstrated this skill by working together with other people on a project that we have to make something. For example, in PE and Drama. In PE, we had to come up with a creative dance with the song “Get low” and I think we did well because we came up with lots of different moves and we both gave ideas. In Drama, we had to do a tutorial, and we chose the topic origami. We decided to make a paper frog, and I think we did well dividing up the explanation. I also did a presentation in Humanities, and I worked with a partner to make a presentation about how Cuba and Spain influenced each other. I think I have to work on collaboration a little bit more because most times I’m with the same people.  Here is the video for PE, and this is the video for Drama↓

7A Drama: DIY TV Program5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


For organization, I think I demonstrated this skill by organizing my things by using folders, making sure that my locker doesn’t have random stuff in it, and so on. For example, in Tutor and Math. For Tutor, we did a thing that we had to decide a way to do HW and test it out for one week. I chose the pomodoro technique but I don’t think it really worked so I am using wunderlist now. In Math, I have to be organized because I have tests and I have to organize my notes so that I know how to do the problems.


Information Skills

For information skills, I think I demonstrated it by doing research and getting lots of information for projects. For example, In Japanese, Science and Humanities. For Japanese, Theo and I did a presentation about Akita prefecture and we did lots of research for the presentation. In Science, we did a blog post about metals in our technology, and we got information from infographics. In Humanities,  we did a poster about a empire that we chose, and I chose the Inca empire. We also made a comic book on a renaissance man. Here is the script for Japanese and Here is the presentation. Here is the blogpost for Science. Japanese presentation↓


Creative Thinking

For creative thinking, I think I demonstrated it by creating my own thing and being creative about the things I made. For example, in English and Art. In English, we made a story called Time of Fire and we became one character in a book and wrote a story about when she went to protest. I think I used my creative thinking because I made little changes to make it like it is really when she was protesting, and added scenes. In Art, we made a drawing with mark making, only using hatch, cross-hatch, stipple and scumble. It was hard but it was cool when it was finished. Here is the document for time of fire.

Reflection Skills

For reflection skills, I think I demonstrated it by thinking about what we did in that class and make sure you finish things or review things. For example, in Koto and Spanish. In Spanish, I think I demonstrated it by reflecting on what I have to work on to get better, and knowing what I need to get better at. For Koto, I think I have to work on reflecting which part I have trouble at and to know where to work on. Here is a reflection I did in December for Spanish.