ATL Skills – 8th Grade

Media Literacy
I used my media literacy skills this year through two of my subjects, which is Japanese and I&S. For Japanese, I researched about war and made a speech on the change that abe-san made on the laws of japan. For I&S, I researched about shintoism and made a presentation with a partner, who was Senan.

Creative Thinking
I used creative thinking skills in many ways this semester, including art, drama, and design. For art, I created my original pinch pot and coil pot, while learning about different techniques used in pot making. For drama, I devised a skit out of one word that we chose as a group. For design, I made a animation using animate cc and a wacom tablet.

Collaboration Skills
I used collaboration skills this semester in many of the subjects, including science and PE. In science, I worked with my partner to do lab experiments safely. In PE, this semester we had a unit on handball, and we worked in a set team for a couple teams, coming up with strategies to fit our team. In Tutor, we had expeditions and went to Minakami and stayed in a group during our activities.

Critical Thinking
I used critical thinking this semester in English, analyzing the book skellig and the symbolism used in the book.

Communication Skills
I want to work on my communication skills in Math and Japanese music. For Math, I want to work on showing more of my working out on tests so that when anyone looks at my math, they can understand what I am doing. For Japanese music, I would like to be able to reflect more on my work and write a better reflection.