Humanities Silk Road Story – Princess Yae

In Humanities, we’ve been making stories and other people have been making a building of the silk road in minecraft. I picked to keep on working on my story. Here is my story. If you like this story, please read the story that Risa wrote too. It is the same story, on Miwa’s point of […]

Art critique

In art class, we’ve been printing a portrate of a person that we know. The person that I am painting is Sarasa. I wanted to express that she likes to make and eat sweets. I expressed it by making the house behind her made out of chocolate and marshmallow, making the flowers in the garden […]

Koto concert reflection

On Wednesday, we preformed Tsuchiningyou in front of parents and other grades. I practiced at home as always but I sometimes I forgot to do it. When I was working in class, I think I did normal but I think I should have worked on memorising it a little earlier because I had to look […]

Koto Tsuchiningyou

The sections I want to work on are section C, section D and section F. Section C For section C I think I need to practice the press because I am always a little late on it. I will do that by starting two measures before and going into section C. Section D For section […]

Drama Reflection

In Drama, we did a speech about a friend, neighbour, teacher or family. I did a speech about my neighbour which was living next to me when I came to Yokohama but moved to another country after about 2 years. When I was making my speech, I was afraid that I would be nervous and I […]

English – Shots and Anagles

In English class, we started a new unit on film study and we had a introduction by learning about shots and angles for pictures. We went into small groups of about 2-4 people and I was with Ayako. We went out side to the roof and we took pictures with the angles we learned. Ayako […]

Melody Reflection

In music, we’ve been putting the koto patterns we made during class into a website called noteflight. I think my pattern is interesting because I have some 16th notes and I have 8th restsanad 16th rests. I also put some rests on the down beet so that the rests are not always on the beet. Here is my […]

Art criteria

My goal was to make my pattern interlock properly and to include what I liked in my motif. I think I achieved my goal because my pattern interlocks and I included plants which I like. My ideas changed from when I started because when I started, I had only three circles inside my motif but at […]