Tutorial design

In design class, we’ve been working on our tutorials and we finished it with a reflection. I liked doing the tutorial because it was fun for me to learn all the tips in iMovie. Here is my tutorial! Connect: My tutorial demonstrates my design specifications because I put a title at the beginning, simple sub […]

Design Reflection

In design, we’ve been learning about tutorials. We looked at tutorials and talked about what is good about them and what could improve in the tutorial, making design specifications to mach the tutorial that we think is a “good” tutorial. I think my storyboard meets my design specifications because I have a title at the […]

Inquiring and analysing reflection

In design, we’ve been learning about tutorials and we’ve been making some too! For this unit, the final project is to make a great tutorial! You can pick whatever topic you want to make it on and you make your own tutorial! I think we should make tutorials because they teach you lots of things […]

My favorite tutorial

In design class, we are doing a new unit about tutorials! We researched and found three or more tutorials and wrote about what we think is good about it and what we think could improve. I looked for tutorials for drawing cats, and I would like to share with you some tutorials. This tutorial is […]

How to use CC search

One thing I learned it to use cc search when ever you want to use a picture. For this blog post, I thought I would explain about cc search. First, you search cc search. (It’s the one at the top) When you get to this page, then you can type anything on the top and […]

Creating a solution reflection

In design class, we have been working on making our blogs right the way we want it to look. I think I’ve improved a lot on making my blog easy to read and not so loud. What I like to do with my blog is changing the background and the header image. With different images, […]

Developing Ideas reflection

In design class, we worked on what kind of blog we want our blogs to be like and we drew it out, and we labeled the parts, and completed all three sections of the How to Grow a Blog worksheet. The three sections were what are your goals for your blog? How will you sustain […]

Inquiring and Analyzing Reflection

Hello. Today I will write a reflection of what I learned about blogs so far. I’ve learned a lot of things about blogs that I didn’t know in design class this three weeks. I mostly forgot most things from when we did the exhibition so it seemed like it was all new to me. I […]