Drama Reflection

In Drama, we did a speech about a friend, neighbour, teacher or family. I did a speech about my neighbour which was living next to me when I came to Yokohama but moved to another country after about 2 years. When I was making my speech, I was afraid that I would be nervous and I […]

Improv Tournament Reflection

How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation? I used offer and accept in my improvisation by trying to go into different positions so that the person coming in next will have more ideas for the next scene. In what ways could I improve my performance? I think the third one and the […]

Offer & Accept Scene Reflection

In drama, we are working on improvisation. This is the video of the assignment. Physical offer and verbal offer. 6C Drama: Offer and Accept Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo. ~What is improvisation?~ Improvisation is when you go on with the story by accepting what other people offer you. Offer + Accept = Scene! ~Explain […]