Humanities Silk Road Story – Princess Yae

In Humanities, we’ve been making stories and other people have been making a building of the silk road in minecraft. I picked to keep on working on my story. Here is my story. If you like this story, please read the story that Risa wrote too. It is the same story, on Miwa’s point of […]

Erieri Island

In humanities, we have been researching on ancient civilisations and we made a civilisation called the Erieri Island and everyone made a website. What did you learn about civilisations? What did you learn about doing a BIG project? What are you proud of? When I was researching about civilisations, I learned that civilisations were mostly around […]

Humanities Adaption Unit – Swamplands

My biome is the swampland and it is challenging to live there because it is basically a lake with trees in it and it rains A LOT. How to adapt to that is by using wood that is very strong to the rain and the water. For example, Chamaecyparis obtusa or something like that. Most of […]

What did early man eat?

In humanities, we did a unit about early mans. This is the final assessment. To make a museum exhibit! Every one in the class decided on what they want to research and made a poster or something other about that topic. I decided to make it about what they ate.