Koto concert reflection

On Wednesday, we preformed Tsuchiningyou in front of parents and other grades. I practiced at home as always but I sometimes I forgot to do it. When I was working in class, I think I did normal but I think I should have worked on memorising it a little earlier because I had to look […]

Koto Tsuchiningyou

The sections I want to work on are section C, section D and section F. Section C For section C I think I need to practice the press because I am always a little late on it. I will do that by starting two measures before and going into section C. Section D For section […]

Melody Reflection

In music, we’ve been putting the koto patterns we made during class into a website called noteflight. I think my pattern is interesting because I have some 16th notes and I have 8th restsanad 16th rests. I also put some rests on the down beet so that the rests are not always on the beet. Here is my […]

Tsuchiningyou D

This is Tsuchiningyou section D. The part I am working on is remembering the number of five scoops and one fives I do because I tend to forget. I am doing it by looking at the notes closely and keeping count.

Koto concert reflection

I seemed to have forgotten my concert reflection so I will do it now. I think the rehearsal actually went better than the actual concert because in the rehearsal, I think we did better on keeping the tempo and listening to each other. In the actual concert, I think I was a little fast, and […]