Humanities – Child Labor

In Humanities, right now we are learning about child labor. Recently, we did a trial on should child labor be aloud, with our whole class. I was a little girl named Emily Small, and my lawyer was Ayaka who was James Bacon. What do people need to know about child labor? I think that child […]

What we could do to live in mars.

Some scientists have been thinking about the possibility of not being able to live on earth. Then where will we live? Well, there is the planet that is closes to us, Mars! There has been traces of  water, and we think that in the future, we will be able to send people to live on […]

G7 Spanish Reflection

In this unit of Spanish, I think I especially have learnt more new vocabulary. One new understanding I have is a thing that I couldn’t remember before is that there is multiple ways to say ‘a’ and it is un una unos and unas. Another is about direct object pronouns, and that you can replace […]

Koto Reflection

In music, we just had a Koto concert, and our grade played the piece Rokudan. When I practiced, my area of focus was mostly in the 2nd dan, in the places that were just a little bit different from the 1st dan because I tend to get mixed up with the 1st dan and make […]

Spanish Reflection

I think this unit, I did well in listening in class and taking notes. Although I think it might have been better if I reviewed more frequently, I think I was okay in remembering vocabulary too. Now I know about reflective verbs better, and also I think I know how to use comparisons better. I […]

Before and after the Industrial Revolution

   The Industrial Revolution changed the world significantly, in a very big way. Mostly anything that we see of use now, is somehow related to the industrial revolution and it would not have existed if not the wonderful inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Without the industrial revolution, we might not have had the steam engine, […]

¿Quién soy?

Me llamo Erica. Soy un poco alta, y atlética porque me gusta practicar deportes. Me gusta jugar al fútbol, y mirar el voleibol, pero no me gusta jugar voleibol. Me gusta al fútbol, pero yo juego fútbol solo una vez por semana porque yo tengo que ir a piano. Mis amigas son muy simpáticas, y […]

Humanities – What Caused Industrial Revolution

In Humanities, we have been thinking of industrial revolution, and what caused industrial revolution to happen. Paragraph: The cause of industrial revolution is the need of mass production and things to be transported quickly to places because of the growing population and other machineries that needed more complicated pieces. For example, the steam power was made […]

Drama Reflection

In Drama, we did a puppet show. We chose a old story from Japan called Urashima Taro. We made the script by our selfs and presented it to the k~2 grades. I think I entertained the audience by  changing my voice when I was a narrator and the turtle, and being carful to keep the […]