Drama Reflection

In Drama, we did a puppet show. We chose a old story from Japan called Urashima Taro. We made the script by our selfs and presented it to the k~2 grades. I think I entertained the audience by  changing my voice when I was a narrator and the turtle, and being carful to keep the […]

Drama Speech – Do aliens exist?

We did a speech in drama and I chose the topic “Do aliens exist?”. I think that my modulation was okay because I think that my volume and pitch was good but my project and emphasis was not the best. I think that in my physicality, I was well, but I think I needed to […]

Drama – Silent Movie Scene Analysis

  Topic CharacterAnalysis 1 CharacterAnalysis 2 Identify the major Action/Gestures (+ their meanings) For the men, he was looking though the hole in the fence and I think that means that he knows that a note from her will come through that hole and he is waiting for the note and he is a little nervous. […]

Mime door reflection

In drama, we are working on miming. On this assessment, I worked with Ayako and made a mime door scene. In this project, two people had to be on each side of the door and have a problem opening the door. Then they have to try multiple ways to open the door and at the […]