Koto Reflection

In music, we just had a Koto concert, and our grade played the piece Rokudan. When I practiced, my area of focus was mostly in the 2nd dan, in the places that were just a little bit different from the 1st dan because I tend to get mixed up with the 1st dan and make […]

Koto Reflection 2

In Koto, we are working on a piece called Rokudan, and I did a blog post before winter break about my goals. For the press, I think my practice strategy went well, and I got better because I think I am now pressing so that I don’t let go before the sound stops and it […]

Koto Reflection

In Japanese music, we arranged a piece for piano into  a piece for koto and shared it to the class. The piece that I chose was ‘Spring’ from the Four Seasons. First, to figure out the tuning,  I looked for the highest note and the lowest note on right hand and left hand. The highest […]

Koto goals

My three areas that I am focusing on are the sukui (that’s a little bit different from the ones we did before), the press, and the サat the beginning of 3rd dan. I think I will work on the sukui and サby just playing them a lot and for the press, I will work on […]