What we could do to live in mars.

Some scientists have been thinking about the possibility of not being able to live on earth. Then where will we live? Well, there is the planet that is closes to us, Mars! There has been traces of  water, and we think that in the future, we will be able to send people to live on […]

Materials in technology

In YIS, we use technology a lot. We need to use our computers to do our work, and iPads to do things that is hard with the computers, using apps or bringing the iPad somewhere. In these two electronics, there are lots of minerals. An example of a conflict mineral included in electronics is Gold […]

Los gustos de…

A mi madre y mi padre nos gustan diferente actividades. A mi madre es muy organizada, y ella es la maestra de japonés. A mi madre es también un muy bueno la chef. Cuando mi madre hacer la comida, la comida es  más sabroso que cuando mi padre hacer la comida. Ella la comida es […]

Science – Matching Graphs

  ‘ For this, we just stood in front of the motion sensor and did not move.   For this one, the person in front is walking backwards fast. On this one, the person in front of the motion sensor is coming towards the motion sensor. For this one, the person went backwards and forwards fast.   […]