G7 Spanish Reflection

In this unit of Spanish, I think I especially have learnt more new vocabulary. One new understanding I have is a thing that I couldn’t remember before is that there is multiple ways to say ‘a’ and it is un una unos and unas. Another is about direct object pronouns, and that you can replace […]

Spanish Reflection

I think this unit, I did well in listening in class and taking notes. Although I think it might have been better if I reviewed more frequently, I think I was okay in remembering vocabulary too. Now I know about reflective verbs better, and also I think I know how to use comparisons better. I […]

¿Quién soy?

Me llamo Erica. Soy un poco alta, y atlética porque me gusta practicar deportes. Me gusta jugar al fútbol, y mirar el voleibol, pero no me gusta jugar voleibol. Me gusta al fútbol, pero yo juego fútbol solo una vez por semana porque yo tengo que ir a piano. Mis amigas son muy simpáticas, y […]

Spanish Reflection – What am I most proud of?

I think this year in Spanish, I improved on conjugating and learned more vocabulary and making up sentences that I want to say. For conjugation, I think that I had lots of practice with conjugation in class, and I practiced the chart at home a little too so I think that worked. For Vocabulary, I […]

PTS Conference Reflection Questions

What are your strengths & weaknesses in Spanish? I think my strength in Spanish is conjugation gustar like verbs and making complex sentences but I think my weakness is conjugating irregular verbs and remembering vocabulary. How are you studying and engaging with the learning in order to master the material? What could I do to […]

¿Cómo eres?

¿Cómo eres? Hola, me llamo Erica. Me gusta Practicar deportes y leer un libros. Me encantan las animales y me favorito animales es gato y perro. ¡Yo favorito color es el verde! Yo tengo pelo castaño y yo soy alta. Yo cumpleaños es el julio y diecisiete. ¡Yo trece años! Yo soy un poco desorganizada […]