SLC Portfolio – 2016


Approaches to learning.

Communication Skills Social Skills Self-management Skills Research Skills Thinking Skills
Communication Collaboration Organization Information literacy Critical thinking
Affective skills* Media literacy Creative thinking
Reflection Transfer
Organization I think I applied my organization skills in this project, because I laid out the template, and organise my information in a clear and detailed way with time line. For art, I organised myself to finish assignments before due day and checking TSC often. In music, there is a weekly routine that you need to practice the song and publish two surveys of a video yourself playing the piece of song. I&S



British Empire



Transfer I displayed my transferring skill in this project in term of transferring the graphing skills such as writing down the keys, the title, and the label etcetera from science to math. Math


Motion investigation
Collaboration I demonstrated my collaboration skills in this project by cooperating with Cailey and introduced about each other to complete the project. In Japanese, I demonstrated collaboration skills because we agreed together on a place to research about, and we helped each other with the script and shared the research information. In P.E I’ve collaborated with my partners by thinking the movements together. Spanish


Physical health education.

Entrevesta Cailey


Just dance

Communication I communicated with my partner in this project and had an debate on prejudice problem. I demonstrated my communication skills by discussing about a topic with my partner and creating the script together. English Empathic discussion
Creative thinking I researched about what makes a character to have a bad reception and improved a bad designed character to a positive reception based on my research result and creativity. Design

Here is the character I made for Design:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.38.27 PM

My Goals

Goal 1 My goal for this semester is to be more organise and do my homework more efficiently during class so that I don’t have too many homework to do.
Goal 2 My second goal for this semester is to improve on my communication skill. Sharing my ideas and opinions within groups, partners or in class and to be more active.
Goal 3 My third goal of this semester is to improve on my reflection skill. Reflecting on the mistakes that I’ve made and improving on my weakness and problems.



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