The legend of sun moon lake

The Legend of Sun-Moon Lake

Once upon a time, guy named Shao lived in the mountains near central part of Taiwan.
On a sunny morning while the Shao and other farmers were working diligently, everyone started crying fearfully on the fact that the bright sun had disappear.
Fortunately, the moon came out at night. The moonlight light up the mountains, so everyone was able to do some work for agricultural again. However, “Boom!” another huge sound was heard, and the moon disappeared suddenly.
Starting from that day, the sky did not have the sun nor the moon. There was no lightness lighting the world. The crops in the fields began to wither. The fish hid in deep water, and the flowers stopped blooming. The animals and the humans seemed lifeless without the soon or the moon.

There was a young couple who’s name is DaJianGe and ShuiSheJie spend their life depending on the food they harvested. Therefore they started making a plan to get the sun and the moon back, so that people will not starve to dealth. DaJainge assumed that the sun and the moon have fallen into a deep valley, so they decided to go and search for them.

The couple began on the journey of finding the sun and the moon. They climbed and crossed numerous mountains, rivers, and forests, but found nothing. When the couple reached to the top of a big mountain, and found that there was light shining from the lake. They assumed that the light must have been coming from the sun. They ran toward the lake and discovered a sun and a moon. The sun and the moon was stolen by the dragons who lived in the lake as their play toys. The couple were extremely mad and wanted to take the sun and the moon back from the dragons but were afraid of them. Suddenly an old lady appeared. She has been trapped by the dragons in the mountain her whole life. She told them that the dragons are cruel that you will never defeat them. But the couple did not give up. The old lady said that if you throw the golden scissors and the ax in the lake, the dragons will die, and she might be able to escape from the lake. The couples followed her instructions and saved the old lady, and she helped them bring the sun and the moon back to the sky.


The characters in this story are Shao, DaJianGe, ShuiSheJie and the old lady.

I think the moral in this legend is that we should not give up no mater what because if you try hard, you will make it one day. Just like the couple did not gave up on bringing the sun and the moon back to the sky. Therefore they found the sun and the moon and became the hero. Another moral in this legend is that we should always help others. Just like in the story, the couple helped the old lady, and the old lady helped them back.

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  1. Hi! Just want to ask if there is a site or a book that any taiwanese story being translated into tagalog/filipino? Its my daughter project in Filipino. Thank you in advance!

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