Mars/Space Station Issues

Hello, right now in Science class, we’re learning about the the issues of living on Mars, and the solution.

The issue I chose to research on is Poison in Mars and atmosphere. One of the major problems of living on mars or living in a space station is that there are different kinds of poison gas in Mars. The major poison in mars is CO2, but there are many other more. For example, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and ammonia. These chemical poisons can cause several effects on human beings, and may need to health. The effect it could have on human includes, headache, heart problems, or dizziness.


However, there are some solution to the problem with poison by planting air filtering houseplants in the space. In the late 80s, US government agency has joined an association contractors of America, also know as ALCA to find out the most effective indoor plants that can remove toxic agents, or poisons from the air. The study shows that House plants are the most effective indoor plants to filtering out the poisons from the air. People have been researching about the houseplants 25 years ago, and have tested over and over again to prove that it is the most comprehensive and accurate ways to remove toxic agents from the air. We can plant filtering houseplants in order to solve the problem of CO2 poison in Mars that are bad for our body, because filtering can remove the chemical poisons in Mars.


Another solution to the problem of poison is that we can built robot to dig a hole in the mars in order to plant seeds in the hole. NASA are now researching how to plant plants on the mars, and it seems like building robot is going to be the first step of planting seed in the mars. By using the robot , we don’t need as much human beings to land on the mars to plant the plants. Also, plants absorb energy from solar, which means that we don’t need human to take care of the plants the entire time because it can grow by it self. When plants photosynthesize, it can absorb CO2 from the air, which will get ride of the poisons. But at the same time, it also releases oxygen, which can also solve the problem of no oxygen in the Mars as well.


I think the houseplants filtering would be a better solution, because it is much more easier than planting plants, since we need to be able to build a robot to dig a hole in the mars first. Building the robot could have an issue on the economy, because it might need huge budget and resources to accomplish the mission. However, by using the filter we can also clean out the poisons in the air with less money and time, but also make the environment appropriate for the organism to live in. This is why I think houseplants filtering would be a better solution since it is more convenient, easier and it clean out the poisons entirely.



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  1. Hello Wenyu,
    Good job on your blog post! It was really clear and easy understand. You have a lot of detail in your 2 solution and it was easy to follow. At last, you wrote the site but you can do the hyperlink or do the MLA form. Your solution is clear but I thing I noticed is that…… did you use 3 vocabulary from the unit? I think you did but I couldn’t find it.. Sorry if I was wrong 🙁

  2. I think that you should get a 6-7/8 because you were very clear and it was easy to know what was happening in your text. I think you could have used more vocab words because I saw 2 but idk…

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