Gapminder Comparing levels of development

The two countries that I chose to research about is the United Kingdom and Nepal.


As you can see in the graph above, the United Kingdom is more developed in HDI and GDP than Nepal is.

The statistics the United Kingdom is 0.863 HDI, 63.2M of the total population.

On the other hand, the statistics for Nepal is 0.458 HDI, 27.3M of the total population.

The data shows that the United Kingdom and Nepal has a huge difference in HDI, and Population. The development of HDI of the UK is almost double of HDI in Nepal, and the difference between the population growth beyond double. This data shows that the UK is more developed economically than Nepal is. HDI stands for Human Development Index which is a combination of the statistics of life expectancy, education and  GDP per capita. If a country is high in life expectancy, education level, GDP per capita, but low in fertility rate and inflation rate. We can tell from the graph that there is a huge difference in the population growth of the UK and Nepal. However,  the birth rate and the fertility in Nepal are lower than the UK. The total fertility rate is the number of children that is born to each woman. While Nepal has 2.5babies per woman, UK only has 1.9 babies per woman. Also, the birth rate of Nepal is much higher than the birth rate of UK. The birth rate per 1000 population for Nepal is 22.1 where the birth rate for the UK is 12.7. This means that in average, Nepal gives birth more than the UK does. You can see from the graph and the data that even though the UK has much more population growth than Nepal does, each woman only give birth to 1.9 babies nowadays. This is a problem because if the fertility rate and the birth rate of the UK keep on decreasing as it is currently, the population growth will decrease. This can have an affect on other indicators such as GDP per capita because, without a good balance of the population, the country will not be able to develop economically. If the GDP per capita or the population decrease, it can also affect Human Development Index or the literacy rate.


Although the birth rate and the fertility rate of Nepal are higher than the UK, there are many babies that die under age 5 in Nepal. The child mortality rate of the death per 1000 births under age 5 in Nepal is 43.1 while the rate for the UK is 5.  43.1 per 1000 births is still pretty high compared to other countries. I think because Nepal earns less income comparing to the UK, they do not have enough money to afford health care, good sanitization, or medicine. Therefore, the child mortality rate of Nepal is higher than the UK.


As it shows in the graph above, there is a huge gap and differences between UK’s GDP rate per capita and life expectancy years compared to Nepal.  The United Kingdom’s rate of GDP is $28.3k and the average life expectancy years that each person will live is 80.5 years. However, the GDP rate for Nepal is $2350 which is really low, and the average life expectancy years is 68.4 years. The differences between GDP is beyond twice of Nepal. GDP is a measurement of average income per person in a country, which can show the standard of living of a country. By looking at the graph, you can tell that the UK is considered as the MEDC’s (More Economically Developed Country) and Nepal is considered as the LEDC’s (Less Economically Developed Country) as it is less developed economically and has shorter life expectancy years. The differences between UK’s GDP and Nepal’s GDP is $25950. I think poverty of a country is what causes the life expectancy of a country to become shorter. The less income each person earn, the less money he/she can afford for nutritious food, water or to pay for treatment cost when they have a disease. Poverty can cause a person to have a lack of good health care, which can shorten the average  life expectancy years of a country.


By looking at all sorts of indicators we can tell how developed a country is. For example, the measurements of Birth rate, Population growth, Infant Mortality Rate, GDP per capita, Human Development Index (HDI), Fertility rate, Life expectancy and Literacy Rate is what determines whether a country is considered us the MEDC’s or the LEDC’s. We now know that the UK is the MEDC’s while Nepal is the LEDC’s because the UK’s statistics of GDP per capita, life expectancy, Population growth, and HDI are all higher than Nepal. These indicators show that the UK is more developed economically as each person in British has a higher level of standard of living than people in Nepal does because each person earns more income. 

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