APJ Skills 2017


Approaches to Learning Skills How did you demonstrate this skill


what do you want to improve?


(remember you need to include something from all your subjects)

Reflection I demonstrated this skill in music when I reflected on koto concert that was held recently. I wrote a reflection reflecting on what were the strength and weaknesses. What went well, and what could have been better. This helped me to rethink the practices and what I can do and fix to not make the same mistakes in the future.
I used my reflection skills when reflecting on how we challenged yourself in Field Studies. Also, I reflected on how we were being mindful and how we can push yourself in becoming more organised.



Thinking I transferred my organization skills from design to I&S. For example, in Religion Research project, I made a table to plan what I need to do by when in order to accomplish the task. I transferred the idea of making a table to plan the steps of process from Design class.
I also used my critical thinking skills in casino project when we used our critical thinking skills to come up with a game that we can win the profits for sure.  I also used my thinking skills in 2D and 3D shape poster. I used my knowledge to measure and calculated accurately the real life 3D shape.
I demonstrated my creative thinking skills when designing my animation. I created and thought of a story that can communicate and educate the message of poverty, and to illustrate the issues by creatively making my own unique animation.
I used my creative thinking skills when writing a creative writing in Criteria B,C,D. I used my creative thinking skills in my story to think of a theme, and to use symbols to describe the theme.




Communication I used my communication skills in Spanish class. We had a ‘Dating game show’ assessment to video yourself talking about our hobbits/likes, and finding common interests with others. I effectively demonstrated my communication skills to try to use as many vocabularies I learned from the unit. This helped me to develope and improve on my Spanish communication skills.
I used my communication skills when we discussed as a class of whether a mass production is better or hand made in Criteria A.


Collaboration I used my collaboration skills in P.E when I did the assessment of planning a game strategies in Criteria B and C. I created a strategies form my team by looking at our strength and weaknesses. I discussed with my partner to come up with the strategies.
I used my collaboration skills in Math when I did the project Casino game in Criteria C and D. I collaborated with my partner to come up with a casino game that can apply to a real life contexts. We looked at many casino game and created our own based on the rule and the odd of casino game.


Organization skills I demonstrated self-management skills, especially organization skills when writing APJ(Art Process Journal). Every class, I effectively organised all the new things we learned in class in a table. This helped me to keep on track of APJ, and to remember what each class was about. I also used my reflection skills when I reflected on what we did in class, and why that was important.
I demonstrated and improved on my organization skills in design. In criteria C, I set up a table of todolist. I planned what I’m going to finish by when in detail. This helped me to keep on track of what we are suppose to do, so that I don’t have to work on everything on the last minute.


Research skills I demonstrated my research skills in drama class when researching about commedia dell’arte. I researched about commedia dell’arte in order to make a video showing the characteristics of the commedia dell’arte.
I used my research skills in science when I did Acid Rain infographic assignment in Criteria D. I researched many information about acid rain, such as, the cause and effects, solution, and the two factors.  I looked at more than one resources to gather the information. I also effectively used command terms when writing the information from the sources.
I used my research skills in art when I researched about the artist, the period of mass production. I also chose two artist and looked at their artwork, and the artist’s intention on the project they made.
I used my media literacy skills in Criteria D project of Infographic Evaluation. I looked at many infographic for researching about inequality in development. Also, I analysed what was good in the infographic so that I can use the skills when I make my own infographic.
I used research skills when writing a report about the blue chord. I looked at different sources and summarised the about the blue chord in the document.






  • Soccer (Collaboration Skills, Communication Skills, Self-management skill)
  • Volleyball (Collaboration Skills, Communication Skills, Self-management skill)
  • Chowa (Self – management skill, Social skills)
  • Red and White commitee (Self – management skill, Creative thinking skills)


  1. Collaboration skills. My goal is to improve on my collaboration skills more. For example, to participate more in class discussion or group discussion. Sometimes, I refuse to share my ideas and perspectives with others when we have different ideas. I want to improve this so that I can be a built a better team member.

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