Phase 2 Reflection – Spanish

  • What am I most proud of? Do I consider myself a Spanish-speaker? Why or why not?

Throughout the course, I think I have developed and improved my Spanish skills, as well as building confidence when speaking Spanish. I believe that I have improved and expanded on my grammar, vocabularies. Also, I am now able to speak Spanish more fluently. I think I am most proud of my improvements in my writing skills. I think over the course, I have managed to write in more advanced Spanish. For example, I used new vocabularies from the unit in my writing, as well as different kinds of grammars, including preterite, Futuro, imperative, y present. I have also proud of my improvements in oral, as I used to need a script when talking in Spanish for assessments. However, this year, I have practised talking without looking at the script. Therefore, I am proud of the fact that I can talk with peers and answer or ask questions directly without the need to prepare or look at the script. For these reasons, I think I would consider myself as an intimidate Spanish-speaker, as I know some basic Spanish grammars and vocabularies. Although, I think I still need to build on my Spanish skills more as there are many rooms for further improvements. For example, I would like to expand on vocabularies more and use expressions more constantly.

  • What would I do differently if I could do the course again?

If I could do this course again in the future, I would make a better note each unit. Even though I often take notes of new vocabularies, expressions, transitions, and grammars, I don’t constantly look back at my old notes, as it is hard to find notes since it is written in different places. I would like to sort out by sections and organise my notes more properly in the future. I would also study more at home, so that I won’t forget the previous unit when starting on the new unit, and can refer to odd learning more.

  • What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 3 next year?

1)Take a short review test on Phase 2 to make sure that I know everything that I am supposed to know from units in phase 2 so that I can be prepared for the next level.Create a checklist of what I already know, and what I need to know to be ready for Phase 3.

2)Create a checklist, and sort things that I already know and things I need to know more to be ready for Phase 3.

3)Reread notes from previous units and review notebooks and booklet. Practice vocabularies in Quizlet, and study basic things that we will need to know to make Phase 3 easier for myself.

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