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Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you all some basic information about me.

First of all, My name is Wenyu. I am from Taiwan. I’ve live in Japan for about 6 years. I can speak Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and English. Sometimes people would ask me which language are you more fluent in. But to be honest, I am not really sure!! Seriously! I think it’s all about the same, well maybe not English…. I still need some practice on my grammar and building better vocabulary. However, if I have to chose one I think I will say Japanese….!? But my mother tough is Chinese anyway.

I really like sports, and Fitness. I think it’s very healthy and fresh. I especially like Soccer, Swimming, Ski and Tennis. ( Well, maybe not really tennis. But I know some basic skill about tennis and I enjoy playing it)  Even though, my mom insists that I am not really good at sports, I still enjoy playing it. Oh yes, there is one sports that I am so bad at. That is  running in long distance. Yes, LONG distance, not short distance though, because I like short distance. I like to run fast in short period of time, but if it comes to long distance. I am not really good at, I get breathless really easily, I don’t have a really good stamina to run for a long distance. Anyway, my favorite sports is Soccer. If I am being totally honest, I didn’t know any thing about soccer, nor interested in soccer until when I was in 4th grade, and we had a P.E lesson about soccer. That’s when I found me being in love with soccer. ( Well, not really in love. But I was really into playing soccer) I love to play soccer with my awesome friends. I start to join girl soccer activity, and I really enjoy it. I love the time when we had a battle with the other international school.


Right now, I am addicted ( Well, nearly addicted)  to story writing. I love to write stories about friendship, because it just happens around you. I like to write stories that I experiment before, or something my family or friend told me, or something I watched in TV, and got really inspired. This is because I can write a lot of details about it, about some expression, because if you really experienced it before, you will know exactly how you feel, and what the situation was like. I have a couple of friends who are also very interested in writing stories, we also share our stories with each others, and get some feedback to improve our work. I love everything about writing stories, I never get tired for writing stories, I can even write it all day and don’t sleep! ( Well, ok I am probably being too exaggerated.) I love to read some interesting stories my friend made as well. It really makes me happy. Nowadays, my parents are starting to wonder if I am spending too much time on writing stories, and I have to admit…. Yes, sorry I am spending too much time on writing stories. But I can’t help my self! It is too fun, that I can’t concentrate on other stuff. Yes, I know that’s bad. So I am trying to shorten my time on writing stories.

I also like to listen to Music. I really like pop song. It makes me happy, and forget all the sad things that happened to me, literately. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. But I like a lot of songs from other singers as well. I also like classic music as well, classic music make me feel calm. I always listen to classic music when I am too exciting and too crazy, that I don’t know what I am up for. I play piano. My favorite piano lyrics writer are Mozart and Beethoven. I like a song call Sonata Facile by Mozart, and For Elise by Beethoven. I also play Koto as well. Now in music class we are playing a piece of song call Hanakage Hensoukiyoku (花影変奏曲)This is a very beautiful piece of song, but it is really hard, I want to learn more and get better at playing this song. I am looking forward to learning more about this song in Music class.

Oh yes, finally! I love travelling. I travel to at least one country per year, literally. I have been to many countries, as far as I remember. I have been to France, Italy, Spain, United states of America, New Zealand, Turkey, Greece, Taiwan, Japan, Croatia, Thailand and more. My favorite countries so far are Italy and Spain. I love the food in Italy and Spain. Italian pasta and pizza are so delicious! I can barely eat pasta and pizza everyday! I love Spain’s Paella, it is much more delicious in Spain than any other countries. I also love the architecture in both Spain and Italy. It is so beautiful and very unique. There is an awesome architect called Gaudí, he built a lot of unique and special architecture in Spain. I’ve been to many of them. In Italy, there are a lot of ancient architecture. Both of them inspired me a lot. I love to go traveling abroad to learn about their culture, to experience different life , and how people visualize the world differently.




Ok, So this is all I want to say about myself today, I hope you enjoy. See you!!




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