Art critique

I decided to choose my mom as my subject for the portrait painting. I expressed about her culture, setting, objects and colour. I showed her culture by drawing my mom holding a huge Taiwan’s flag. I’ve also added 101 tower, to represent Taiwan, since it is one of the most famous building in Taiwan. These symbol also express the setting of the portraits. For the objects, I’ve drew two monkeys to represent my mom, since she really likes monkeys. I chose mostly warm colours, such as yellow, orange and red as the theme for my portraits, because I want it to express my mom’s personality. I think she is a very nice person, who always give her hand to others for help. By doing these, I showed my interpretation of my mom. Faith Ringgold is the artist who influenced me, and I decided to drew a portraits based on her style. I thought that her painting was very unique how her painting is sort of realistic, yet cartoonish. Another reason that I chose her as my style was because, while I was looking at her art work, I realised that she drew many portraits that shows her nationality. I thought it would be a good idea to chose Faith Ringgold as my style for the portraits, since I’m expressing my mom’s culture.


For my portraits, I mostly use warm colours such as red, orange and yellow, which are the analogous colours. I chose warm colours to express my mom’s personality. The type of colours I used in my portraits are mostly Primary colours. Blue for the sky, yellow for the background, and red for the flag of Taiwan. For my portraits, I decided to use more tints than shades. The colour are lighter. For my portraits, I didn’t used many analogous colour for the background and the sky. I blended the analogous colour well together. The style of my portraits is more realistic than abstract, because you can understand what I am drawing about. For the sky and the theme, I added a little bit of gradation to make it look more realistic, since the sky are not always the exact same colour. I emphasised my mom in my portraits by painting it huge right in the middle of the painting. By doing this, the viewer’s eyes will be more concentrated on my mom.


In my painting, I expressed my mom’s culture by painting a huge Taiwan’s flag. Another method that I could have done to express my mom’s culture was to draw a taiwanese flag on her T-shirt, which will also symbolise her culture. After all, I didn’t chose this method because I wanted to emphasise her culture more. I thought that painting a huge flag will be more clear about what I wanted to express. I’ve also drew some objects, such as 101 tower as the background, because it represents the country of Taiwan.


I think that the meaning of portraits determined on the artist, because the artist draw portraits to the way they want the audience to interpret. This means that the artist leads the way they want the audience to interpret about the portraits by adding symbols, and colours, and choosing what he/she wants to express about the person. For example, in my portraits I wanted to express my mom’s personality and her culture. I painted the portraits very colourfully, and with many warm colours, so that when the audience look at the picture, they’ll probably think that my mom might be a very nice and bright person. I don’t think that everyone would understand what the artist is trying to express in the portraits, but I think by adding symbols, and colours, the artist are leading the audience to the artist’s interpretation.








Final critique blog post

Hello, right now in Art class, we are working on carving an interlocking patterns.

First, we had to research some cultural patterns, and find the ones you like the most. Then, we had to create our own unique patterns that includes, Personal interest, Creative thinking, Personal influence and Cultural influence.

My goal for the motif was to make a pattern that interlock very well, and that has a good balance for positive patterns and negative patterns. At first, I drew three patterns that represent me, and chose the best one. One of the idea of motif I had was the one with Baymax in the middle of the motif, because I really like the character of Baymax. After all, I didn’t chose that motif, because it has a lot of carve line, and small details, so I thought that it might be too hard to carve it. So between three of the idea, I chose the one that is more simple to carve. The problem is that I realised that the one I chose doesn’t really interlock in the edges. For the solution, I combined the patterns of the edges from the Baymax one to the one I chose. Now it really interlock, and it also have Cultural influence, Personal influence, and Creative thinking.


During this process, I realised that my strength is to plan and draw the patterns. I have a lot of creative ideas, and I drew the motif precisely and in a neat way. I also planned the motif well. I explained about the patterns, and I transfered it on the plate nicely. On the other hand, I think my weakness is to print the motif. Every time, when I try to print the motif, I always failed, because of putting too much ink, or too less ink. Sometimes, I accidentally moved the plate while printmaking. This is why I think that my weakness is to do the printmaking successfully. Next time, I would like to watch more videos about how to do printmaking successfully, and to more. I would also like to be more careful when I am printmaking, so that I wouldn’t move the plate accidently.


I think I have all of the statement, Personal interest, Cultural influence, Personal influence, and Creative thinking in my patterns.

For example, I influenced the personal interest by adding the tale of the mermaid, from the Disney movie ” The little mermaid.” I never watched this movie before, but I really like the tale of the mermaid, so I added the tale in my motif as the personal interest. For cultural influence, I added the Ancient symbol in the plate, that looks like a four sided clover. This is because when I was researching about cultural patterns, I personally liked the Ancient symbol the most. For personal influence, I drew the symbol that looks like a sun, on the top corner of the Taiwanese flag in the middle of my plate. The symbol of the Taiwanese flag represent my personal influence, since I am Taiwanese. I also included the Creative thinking in my design, because I made the edges of the motif interlocked by adding the triangular symbol.

2000px-Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.svg   Ariel-the-little-mermaid-14629313-1280-1024


My advice to next year’s student is to go to the Open studio as much as it’s possible. This is because before the spring break, I was on the right track, so I was negligence, and I thought that I didn’t have to go to open studio anymore. Until the last minutes, I realised that we don’t have any more time to do printmaking during class time. It caused me to not finish the work before the due day. This is why you advice you all to go to Open Studio, even though you think you’re on the right track. Another suggestion is don’t put too much ink when you are printing, because that is how I failed at printing.


Bye, Thank you for Reading!!