My Tutorial Reflection

Hello, right now in design class, we are working on making our own tutorial video. For the tutorial video, we are allowed to work on anything that we are passionate about, and we are suppose to explain the instruction steps by steps to the audio by making a tutorial. Before we make the tutorial, we researched about what makes a better tutorial. For example, I found out that the subtitle help you make the tutorial video better, because if the audience can’t hear your instruction clearly, they can still read the subtitle to understand what to do. Of course, speaking loudly and cleary is very important as well. However, during the research, I found couple of videos about how to bake potato chips, and I found it very interesting. This is why I decided to create a tutorial video about how to bake potato chips.



Before we create our tutorial video, first, we had it to decide what features we think it’s important, to add in the tutorial video, for making the tutorial better. I choose to do the subtitles, voice over, explain it step by step, zoom the video, and show the material(ingredients) This is because I thought that it was very important to add all of these design specifications in the tutorial video. You need subtitles for people who are blind, so that even if they can’t hear your instruction, they can read your instruction. Voice over, loud and clear voice over helps the audience to understand your instruction more effectively. Explain it steps by steps helps you make the tutorial more simple.  Zoom the video help the audience to view the video clearly. Showing the material(ingredients) helps the audience to know what material they need to follow your tutorial, so that they can be prepare. I think my tutorial did meet all of these design specifications. For example, at the beginning of the video, I showed the ingredients you need to follow my tutorial. While, I was showing the ingredients in the clip, I also added some subtitles, for example, “2~4 potatoes” etc. Also, in my tutorial video, I have voice over on all the clip. I talked it loudly, and I know that because I adjust the voice to the max for the part when I didn’t talk loudly, so now all the clips are loud. For the explain it step by step, I checked my storyboard carefully, and divided my tutorial video into couple of steps. For each steps, I added a subtitle and write ‘Steps 1″. This is why I think I did explain it steps by steps. In the video, there are couple of clips where I zoom the video, so that it is clear to see what I am doing. For example, when I showed the ingredients, I zoom the video closely to the object to make it clear and easy to understand.



I didn’t realise that there was a lot of suggestion I could do to make my tutorial video better, until I read the comments from my friends. I realise that my voice over wasn’t as loud as I could be. From that experience, when I make another tutorial video next time, I would remind my self to talk louder in the voice over. I also learned that I could explain where I got the ingredients from when I show the ingredients, because then the people who watch my tutorial video will now know where they can purchase the ingredients.

I also watched couple of tutorial videos from my friends, and I think they all did an awesome job! I commented on Rachel, Akiko and Yuichiro’s tutorial video, and while I watched their tutorial video, I learned a lot of new tips and ideas about making the tutorial video better.


Rachel – I really love Rachel’s tutorial video.

The tips that I learned from her video is that clear and effective subtitles are very important when you make a tutorial video. If you don’t have any subtitle, then it would be very hard to understand the video.

Another thing that I learned from her video is that it is very important that you zoom the video, because it makes it clear to see what you are doing. One last thing that I learned while watching her videos, is that it is very important that you be careful not to cover the drawing when you are making the tutorials about drawing something.


Akiko – Akiko’s tutorial video was really awesome!

While watching her videos, I learned that it is very important to speak in a clear and loud voice, because it makes it very easy to understand the instruction. Another tips that I learned from her video is that as I said before, it would be better if you tell where you bought the ingredients while you are showing the ingredients in your video. Because of saying that, the people who watched the video will now know where they can purchase the ingredients.


Yuichiro – Yuichiro’s tutorial video was great.

The tips that I learned from his video is that it is very important to explain the tips step by step when you want to teach someone about something. This is because it would make it more easier to understand. Another new ideas that I learned from watching his video is that it would be very good to showed the bad ways and the good ways of doing something, when you want to teach someone about the skill or technique.



Something that is still challenging for me is to talk in a clear and loud voice. It is challenging for me because I sometimes when I am tired, I talk in a very low voice, not in a smooth and clear voice. Even if I can understand what I am talking about, for some people it could be different. This is why I think next time, I should talk more loudly and clearly so that everyone who watched my tutorial video will easily understand what I am talking about. I would like to solve that problem by doing voice over and filming separately. This is because in this tutorial video, I talked while filming. I think this is what causes my voice over unclear. If I make the filming and voice over process separated, then I think I could talk more loudly, because then I don’t have to talk while cooking with my hands, I can just be concentrated on doing the voice over. Another thing that are still challenging for me is to edit the video in a professional way. I sometimes forget to stay focus on the theme. For example, making the font all the same, and the transition same. I would like to practice editing the video more to became more professional at editing video in imovie.



I think that the process of making the tutorial video was really interesting. I learned all kinds of different design specifications, and what makes the tutorial video better and more professional. I learned what is important to add in the tutorial video as well. From this experience, I also learned what I should be careful at while making the tutorial video. For example, talking in a loud and clear voice, zoom the video etc. There are still couple of things that I could improve on, so I would like to make more videos in the future and practice editing the videos more to became more professional at making the tutorial video. I am looking forward to learning more about technology in grade seven design class.

Here is the video, hope you enjoy!!

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Teachers of the future – Developing ideas reflection

So far in design class, we have been working on planning what we want to do for the tutorial. I decided that I want my tutorial video to be about “how to bake a potato chips”, because I think it is very interesting in the way that you can bake it in the oven. During the design class, we had a project to draw a storyboard. In the storyboard, we drew a picture of what I am going to do in my tutorial video steps by steps. It helped me to know what I expect my tutorial video to look like when it’s complete, and what I should say in the video as I make the potato chips. We also did the timeline plan, which we had it to plan what steps we have to do first throughout the tutorial process. However, I think the most interesting project so far is the storyboard. I think it was very fun to plan the tutorial using storyboard.

We had a project called design specifications, which we had it to choose what we think it’s the most important thing to include in the tutorial video. For my design specifications, I wrote down subtitles, voice over, to explain it steps by steps, zoom the video, and show the list of materials. I wrote down these design specifications, because after observing at several of tutorial video, I found out that these design features make the tutorial better.
Looking at my storyboard, I think I meet all of my design specifications, because I added a subtitles in the most of the clip. Also, I only show one step in each clip, which means that I explain it steps by steps. Third, I made a script of what I am going to say in the video, which is the voice over. Also, for the zoom, I had some clip that I drew the instruction very clearly and big. Lastly, I have drew a list of materials you need, to be able to follow the tutorial at the beginning of the video. So basically, I think I have added all of my design specifications in my storyboard.

I think what makes my tutorial – “how to bake a potato chips” a good one is that my topic sound like it is very complicated and hard. But actually it’s very simple, and you can use an oven to bake it. Also, it is much more healthier than the one that are sold in the supermarket. The key features of my tutorial video is that it is very simple yet healthy, as I said before. But also I am going to be adding subtitles to all of my tutorial, and I am also going to do voice over, so that it is very easy to understand. It’s because if I only have voice over, then it wouldn’t be very helpful for people who are deaf, because they can’t hear it. Same thing to the subtitles. If I only have subtitles, then it wouldn’t be very helpful for people who are blind, because they won’t be able to see it. This is why I think having both voice over and subtitles is very important. Although, most of the tutorial only have either one of them. I think it is very rare to have both of the feature in the tutorial video. These are what I think it makes my tutorial a good one.

Something that I think I still need to learn to be able to create my tutorial is imovie. I want to learn more about editing the video, and adding video effects in the advance way. This is because, I think to be able to edit the video is very important and, for example, I want to do picture- in – picture for my tutorial video. But I am still not sure about how to do it in imovie. So I would like to learn more about editing videos in imovie. Also, since I am doing my tutorial video about “how to bake a potato chips” I need to slice the the potato chips very thinly. But because, I don’t have a mandolin slicer, which would help me to slice the potato chips very thinly, I need to chop the potato chips thinly by my self using a knife. So I would like to practice on learning how to chop the potato chips thinly by using a knife.

I enjoyed a lot about this tutorial process. I think it was very interesting. It was very fun to plan what we expect our tutorial video to be like. I also learned a lot about imovie, using storyboard to plan tutorial, and learning about what makes it a good tutorial. I think this was all very interesting. My next step is to actually film my tutorial video. Before that, I still have to work on a lot of thing. For example, buying materials etc. So, I would like to check my timeline plan over and over, and check if I am on the right track as I plan it to be. I am looking forward to actually making my own tutorial!

Inquiring and Analyzing Reflection

So far in Design class we are working on making a tutorial and what makes a good tutorial. We’ve research a lot about making a tutorial, and I think it is very interesting. My favorite part was when we made a presentation of a tutorial somewhat related to technology stuff. My topic was about how to add a background music in the video. I learned and explored a lot during the tutorial lesson process. For example, I learned that it is important to have a detail description, and to include some kind of diagram in the tutorial. However, today I would like to explain more about the tutorial and what I learned to you all.

It is important to make a tutorial because it can help other people around you who are struggling to do something. Tutorial is an awesome way to share your knowledge with other people around the world. For example, if I want to make a cupcake but I don’t know how to, then I would search up on internet for a tutorial that tells you the method of making cupcakes. You might be able to help someone else by making a tutorial to educate theme. Think about what a great thing that would be! One tutorial might help millions of people! This is why I think tutorials are very important.

I learned a lot about what makes a good tutorial. Today I would like to tell you the top 3 important thing that I found which makes it a good tutorial design. For example, I learned that it is really important to explain it steps by steps in the tutorial. This is to make sure that it is easy to understand. If you didn’t explain it steps by steps then it might be very confusing. Also, I found out that it would be very good to make a tutorial video that includes a narrator in it. Voice over makes it extremely easy to understand, if the video only has a motion but no voice over in it then the people who watch your video might not understand what you are doing. The last thing that I found it very important is to have a subtitle in the tutorial. So even if you didn’t talk in the tutorial video, you can add some subtitles to help the reader understand a little bit more. I think subtitles is very important for any kinds of tutorial. For example, in the slide show. Don’t you think it would be really hard to follow the tutorial instruction that only has a picture with no words or subtitles in it? I think it would be extremely hard, because there are no detail description. This is why I think subtitles are so important. Of course, there are other more thing that makes an awesome tutorial design. For example, to zoom the video so that it’s clear to see, or make sure you don’t play the background music while you’re talking in the video etc. But these are the 3 main thing that I think it’s important for making a tutorial.

I watched a couple of tutorials from last year’s students, and I’ve also watched a lot of tutorial videos on youtube. During the tutorial exploring process, I found it very interested in making a cooking tutorial. At first, I want it to make a tutorial about “how to bake cookies”. But then, I realize that it was too hard for me. So I look for something that are really easy and simple, since I am a beginner. After a while, I found a tutorial of backing potato chips, and the thing is that you can bake it by an oven! Besides, it is healthier than the ones that supermarket sells. I start to look for more tutorial videos about backing potato chips, and realize that it is actually really easy to bake it! That’s how I got my idea of making a tutorial videos about baking potato chips. I’ve found a lot of tutorial that has simple and easy description, and I’ve also found the tutorial that I think it’s the best. I’ve look at a lot of different kinds of tutorial from my friends as well. I commented on Manami, Rachel and Akiko’s blog. I observed there tutorial very carefully, and I think all of theme are really good. I agree with their opinion and thoughts about their favorite tutorial.

I really enjoy what we’ve been doing in design class so far. I think researching about tutorials are very interesting. I learned a lot about what makes a good tutorial and why. Next, I would like to learn about how to actually make the tutorials and to explore more about it. I am looking forward on learning more about making a tutorials, and I can’t wait to make the tutorial video!

My favorite tutorial – How to bake potato chips

I like this tutorial the best, because it was very simple yet easy to understand. She made it steps by steps, with simple instruction. She zoom the video closely so that it was clear to see what she is doing. I also think that the video effects was very good, it was very bright, and it wasn’t blurry. She had couple of subtitles for details, and the background music matches very well. I like how she had a complete potato chips at the beginning, because it gave me some idea of how will the potato chips look like when it’s finished. I like how she dip the potato chips into the tomato sauce, it causes my drool to drip down my cheeks.

I really like this tutorial video as well. I think it has a nice narration along with the instruction. She talked very clearly, and loudly so it was easy to understand. I also think it was good that she had a title at the beginning of the video. It help me know what the tutorial video is about. One more thing that was good about her tutorial video is that she had a nice background music in the beginning and the end. It was good that she didn’t play the music while she talk, because if she did it would be very hard to hear her instruction.

Tips and Tricks – Design

Hello everyone, I thought that you might be wondering how I change my blog cursor from something that look like an arrow to an ice bar. So I would like to show you how to change the cursor today.

First of all, you will have to search up “free cursor” on the internet, and look up the website that are the most suitable for you. For example, I like the website called Free Cursors 4U. I think it has a lot of different types of cursor that you can choose from, and it is very easy to embed the code. So after you choose the best cursor website, the next step is to look for the cursor design that you like.

 Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.44.29 PM

For example, I really like ice cream. So I chose the ice bar cursor. Besides, the ice bar is blue, so I thought it will matches my blog theme very well since my blog theme are mostly blue.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.56.36 PM

After you chose the cursor design that you want to have, you will have to click it. Then, the embed code will come out. So then you will have to copy the embed code.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.02.40 PM

The next step after you copy the embed code is to log in into your blog dashboard, and click the category call widget in the appearance.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.11.40 PM

At last, you will have to drag the bar call “Text”, and place it into the side bar.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.16.39 PM

Then, all you have to do is to paste the embed code that you copied previously in to the text box! Oh yes, remember to always save it when you add new thing. Finally, you should now be able to have your own unique and cute cursor on your blog!
Thank you for reading! Bye!

Creating the solution – Reflection

In design class we have been working on improving our blog. We chose a theme that represent ourselves the most, we add a lot of widgets to make our blogs more interesting, and organized the blog very well. I like how every time in design class, I can learn some interesting skills, to improve and refine my blog better and better. My favorite thing so far was when we did the project call About me. It was to add some facts and information about myself to let the reader know more about me. I think it was really fun writing such small pieces of article.

I am very satisfied with the way my blog looks right now, because I think the theme is not too colourful, or too distractive, and it represent me a lot since I love aquatic animals. However, I think the header image and the background matches very well together as well, because they are both related to ocean stuff. I’ve also add a lot of widgets to make it more interesting. I input a menu bar as well, I have also added all the subjects I have at school for the submenu. I think I design my blog theme pretty well to the way I expected to be.

I am most proud of my blog widgets because I’ve spent a lot of effort on adding the widgets that fit with my blog design the most. I’ve found a lot of interesting widgets from couple of different website. For example, Cuteki, aBowman etc. I think it is very fun to find a lot of interesting widgets, to improve my blog design. I have discovered a very cool website call Free Cursor 4U. The website is capable to change your cursor to something cute and interesting. For example, my blog cursor is an ice cream. I think it is very cute, and besides I love ice cream, so I think it represent me very well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.27.26 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.30.32 AM

Overall, In design class I’ve learned a lot of new awesome information about making a blog. I think that “Becoming a blogger” process was very interesting, and it was very new to me. At first, I didn’t know much about making a blog, and I didn’t recognize it very importantly. But now, I’ve learned that having a blog is a very important thing, and I am also very interested in learning more skills, information about making a blog. Even though, I am already satisfied with the way my blog look like right now, I would still like to update my blog oftenly to improve my blog more and more. I am looking forward to learning about the next unit.

Developing Ideas- Reflection

In design class, we have been learning a lot of things about blogs. We’ve been working on drawing , Select and Label, and growing. For drawing, we have drawn 3 templates of what we expect our blog to look like in the future. For Select and Label, we have learnt to add widgets, change themes, titles, add some posts etc. For growing, we are learning about how to grow our blog, how to make it better. My favorite part in this unit is Select and Label, because it was interesting to learn about widgets, labels etc. I have also learnt how to make a great blog. Our next step is Reflection, and this is what I am going to write about today.

I named my blog theme Ocean View, as you see this theme is about oceans, and aquatic animals. I chose this blog because I really like aquatic animals. It is also my ES Exhibition topic. However, another reason that I decided to do this theme is because, sometimes I get really hyper, and when I look at this theme, I feel calm and satisfied. This is why I like this blog so much. I also think the style of this blog is very unique because you can add some widgets at the bottom of the blog.

To be able to grow the blog successfully,we can rearrange and update our blog every time when we have some new and better ideas. I think we should keep on adding new news, information, ideas every day, but that will be very hard, so my goal is to add at least 1 post per week. I also want to try to grow my blog better by observing at other people’s blogs. To find some cool stuff that I can add to my blog, because sometimes when you are actually making a blog, you might become a little careless, and forget to organize the blog etc. So if you look at other people’s blogs oftenly, it will help you to refine your blog.


My goals by the end of next June is to add at least 1 post per week, so that my blog will be full of new ideas, also I wouldn’t want the readers to get bored of my blog because I don’t update any new thing. My other goal is to have at least 60 comments by the end of June. So I would like to work hard on making the better blog and update as much stuff as possible to achieve my goals by the end of June.
Next, I would like to learn about making my own tutorial and posting it on my blog. I am looking forward to learning and exploring more stuff about blogs!

Inquiring and Analysing Reflection

In design class, we are learning about blogs. We are learning about what is the point of having blogs, why is it so important. Why do we need blogs anyway? I think this is a very interesting topic, because I never thought that having a blog is such a important thing. This is the first time I’ve ever really learned about blogs, and I think it is very interesting.

We need blogs to share your idea and perspective with people around the world. Why is this so important? It is very important because you might be able to help the world. Blogs is a site that is public to everyone, people who read your blog can easily quote, share, view, and spread to the world. For example, if you have some strong belief that you believe in which can help the world, but no one knows. Then you can certainly use blogs to share around with everyone. That is why blogs are so important.

I think the title, menu bar, and the background color is the most important criteria.
If there was no title, then people won’t be able to know what this blog is about. If you have some interesting title, or the title that could explain what your blog is about, then that can help you attract people to read more about your blog.
You see, you won’t be interested in the blog that has no title right? That’s exactly the same idea, people who read your blog will be more interested if there are any titles right?
The second criteria which I think it’s very important as well is the menu bar. If you didn’t have any menu bar, then your blog might not be very well organised. This is because menu bar can help you look for the topic that you want read more easily. This is why I think menu bar is important.
Last but not least the 3rd criteria that makes a better blog is the background. What I mean by background is that the theme color has a good contrast to the words on the page so it’s easy to read. Also, the background would be good if it is simple without many patterns so that it doesn’t disturb the reader. This is very important because if the blog that aren’t easy to read then it might harm the reader’s eyes, and also it wouldn’t be comfortable to read such a hard reading blogs.
So I think a good blogs has Big title, very well organised menu bar and comfortable background color.

I know that if you actually start making the blog, it gets harder to be careful on these 3 criteria that I just mentioned. So my plan to make sure that my blogs include these 3 criteria is to ask for peoples opinion, and always compare other people’s blogs to yours. 1st to ask for people’s opinion about my blogs, because then people might have any suggestion on your blog that you haven’t realised. Which can help you improve your blog. 2nd compare other people’s blogs to yours, this is important because if you see any good blogs, or anything special thing that you think it’s awesome to have it on your blog, then you can always try to learn from others blogs. Both of these strategy can help you improve your blog.

I am looking forward to post more on my blog, to share more of my ideas and opinion on my blog. I have enjoyed making my own blog, and I think it is an awesome start so far. I would like to learn more about how to make a better blog, and some new technique!
Bye! Thanks for reading!!