The legend of sun moon lake

The Legend of Sun-Moon Lake

Once upon a time, guy named Shao lived in the mountains near central part of Taiwan.
On a sunny morning while the Shao and other farmers were working diligently, everyone started crying fearfully on the fact that the bright sun had disappear.
Fortunately, the moon came out at night. The moonlight light up the mountains, so everyone was able to do some work for agricultural again. However, “Boom!” another huge sound was heard, and the moon disappeared suddenly.
Starting from that day, the sky did not have the sun nor the moon. There was no lightness lighting the world. The crops in the fields began to wither. The fish hid in deep water, and the flowers stopped blooming. The animals and the humans seemed lifeless without the soon or the moon.

There was a young couple who’s name is DaJianGe and ShuiSheJie spend their life depending on the food they harvested. Therefore they started making a plan to get the sun and the moon back, so that people will not starve to dealth. DaJainge assumed that the sun and the moon have fallen into a deep valley, so they decided to go and search for them.

The couple began on the journey of finding the sun and the moon. They climbed and crossed numerous mountains, rivers, and forests, but found nothing. When the couple reached to the top of a big mountain, and found that there was light shining from the lake. They assumed that the light must have been coming from the sun. They ran toward the lake and discovered a sun and a moon. The sun and the moon was stolen by the dragons who lived in the lake as their play toys. The couple were extremely mad and wanted to take the sun and the moon back from the dragons but were afraid of them. Suddenly an old lady appeared. She has been trapped by the dragons in the mountain her whole life. She told them that the dragons are cruel that you will never defeat them. But the couple did not give up. The old lady said that if you throw the golden scissors and the ax in the lake, the dragons will die, and she might be able to escape from the lake. The couples followed her instructions and saved the old lady, and she helped them bring the sun and the moon back to the sky.


The characters in this story are Shao, DaJianGe, ShuiSheJie and the old lady.

I think the moral in this legend is that we should not give up no mater what because if you try hard, you will make it one day. Just like the couple did not gave up on bringing the sun and the moon back to the sky. Therefore they found the sun and the moon and became the hero. Another moral in this legend is that we should always help others. Just like in the story, the couple helped the old lady, and the old lady helped them back.

DIY TV show reflection

7B Drama: DIY TV Program2 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.



We have just finished our project on making DIY show in drama class. My group chose to make a DIY show on how to make the mini pizza.


Our target audience is teenagers. We thought that since we are also teenager, we can be connected more with the audience. We relate to the audience by changing the tone of voice and physicality. For instance, we spoked loudly, casually and we used simple term so that the audience could understand the instructions and the informations really easily. We also used hand gesture when giving instruction so that it’s easier to follow, and it makes it more interesting so that the audience will not get bored. For example, when I was displaying the list of ingredients needed, I pointed at the ingredients so the audience will know what ingredients it is if thee’ve never heard of it before.


I think we sorted out the equipment and the resources well, and was pretty organised. We placed all equipments neatly on the table, and it was neat. We already had the plate with the pizza dough on top, and were ready to begin the show. We also prepared the final product of the mini pizza, so the audience can take a look on what it’s going to look like after it’s baked. I think something that we did well was that we listed all equipments and ingredients needed for making the mini pizza. However, I forgot to talk about where are the resources of the ingredients, so I think next time I can improve by saying where you can get the ingredients.


I thought that the steps of the instructions was clear, explicit and easy to follow. I think my best skills was how I showed the steps one by one by saying “First, Next, Then, After etc,” which makes it easier for the audience to notice each steps, and it also shows the time order of what to do first, and what comes next. We talked in an energetic voice from the top to the bottom, and I thought that we had different variety of the tone of the voice. For example, we raised our voice high at the beginning to greed the audience. Also, when we showed the final product, we raised our voice to make it sound exiting. I think we had plenty of trivia, because we talked a little bit abut the history of pizza, and some interesting facts about pizza hut, how famous pizza is and many more. I also think that had some good eye contact on the audience. I wasn’t reading off from the script, but I think sometimes I was looking down at the food when making it, so next time, I could improve on eye contacting the audience more.

7B Drama: DIY TV Program4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another group which I thought was captivating was Yoshie and Risa’s group, because I liked how they talked about the source of the ingredients, and they’re instructions was clear and easy to follow. I like how they talked slowly and had a good eye contact on the audience. I thought it was good how they hold up the products when they were demonstrating, so that we can see what it looks like, and they also had the final products for the audience to see what it would look like when it’s complete.

Informative speech reflection

7B Drama: Informative Speech6 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


In drama class, we have been working on informative speech, and the basic structure of doing speeches. Such as, modulation, eye contact, hand gestures, postures and more. My topic for the informative speech was Alien.


I think my pace was good, because I didn’t talk too fast nor too slow and it was about the same speed all the time. I believe that my volume was clear and loud enough for everyone to hear it, and I also paused at the right time. However, I think I could have improve on projection more because at first, I was really focusing on the use of tone, and emphasis, but as it get’s to the middle of the speech, I started talking in the same tone.


I thought that my gesture was pretty good, because I used my hand to help me support my ideas, and I thought that the hand gesture I did was relevant to my speech. However, it seems like because I was nervous, I was swinging left and right quite often, so I think I can improve on my posture more. I also think I can vary my facial expression a bit more, because I think if I over exaggerate on my facial expression, it might have been more interesting. Overall, I think I did a good on my informative speech, because I hold the palm card around my stomach, it wasn’t too high nor too low, and I was able to read the palm card smoothly. However, I think that because I was using the palm card, I sometimes forgot to do eye contact, so next time, I will focus on contacting the audience more.


I think my information and the structure of the content was well written, because I had many interesting facts about aliens. Also, I picked a theme that I was going to talk about aliens, which was the cause and effect if aliens invaded. I think my best skill in this speech was my information and the content, because I found a lot of interesting informations, and my intention of the speech was explicit. However, I think that I can improve more on my tone when I’m doing the speech. For example, to emphasaize certain words, or when I’m talking about interesting facts about alien, I can make my tone higher, or lower depending on the situation.


Hayden also did an informative speech on Aliens, and I found it very inspiring. I really liked how he explained about what the aliens might looks like visually. I thought that the image made the entire speech much more interesting and it was easier to understand, because you can picture the appearance of the aliens in your brain. I think he had a lot of informations about the aliens, and his content was very captivating. I also think his posture and the use of gesture was really appealing. I think he did well in the informative speech, and I was really inspired by how he presented his speech.

7B Drama: Informative Speech3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Mime scene – Reflection

In drama class, we had to decide a mime scene and make our own scenarios and characters. My group made a scene about people fighting in the library throwing books at each other. There are four people in my group and each of as has it’s own unique and different character.


I think the mime scene was pretty successful. We all had a explicit and different character and I thought it was well shown through out the acting. For example, my character was to be a sassy girl. I showed this through acting by flipping my hair, and walking with my back straight to emphasaize that I’m over confident. I also think our story plan was well written and we performed as we imagined. However, there were some scene that I could have made the acting more clearly by thinking about the size, weight and shape of the object.


I think I’ve used the space widely, because I moved around a lot. I was not facing my back towards the audience, I thought about how we can use the space, so that the audience can see everyone at the same time. Further more, there were some scenes when I was in the library looking for the books, and reading. Some scenes when we went out of the library arguing. I used the space provided widely, and effectively, because I didn’t just stayed in one place.


My character was a sassy girl who think she’s so cool. In the play, I’m best friend with Yoshie, who’s role is to be a curious and annoying character. I interact with Yoshie through out many things. For example, at the begining of the scene, we were looking for an interesting book together. When we found it extremely hilarious we started laughing out loud, not knowing that we’re disturbing a men who is quietly reading a book. He got annoyed and start throwing book at Yoshie. Since I was Yoshie’s best friend, I supported her and brought her to nurse. Also at the last scene, when Earthquake happened and book shelves collapsed on Simon, we all cooperated with each other to save Simon.


I think the mine is pretty believable, because there are often some chatty people in the library who disturbed other people.Another scene that was believable is when the book shelves collapsed because of the Earthquake. If a big earthquake occur, it could have a big damage. One of the damage that often happens is book selves or other objects falls on people. However, having a fight because of distraction is believable but throwing book at them as the solution is a little bit insane. Most of the people can manage their emotions and learn not to throw stuff at others. Also, even the revenge of trowing book is a little bit awkward too.

Silent Movie Analysis – 23 Feb


Analysis 1 (The girl)
Character Analysis 2 (The guy)
Identify the major Action/Gestures (+ their meanings) In the video, when the girl packs her lunches, she suddenly covers her face, and lower her head. This body gestures shows that she’s sad or worry about the upcoming event, because people often cover their face when their crying. In the video, when the girl got sad and unconfident, the guy leaned next to the girl and put his arm around her shoulder. This gesture shows that he’s comforting her and that he cares about her.
Identify the major Facial Expressions (+ their meanings) When the girl was miserable in the video, her eyebrows sort of moved down. This expresses her depressed feelings. When the guy sees the girl crying, he opened his mouth a bit, which represent that he’s surprised and shocked in how the girl suddenly cried.
Identify the major Postures (+ their meanings) After the guy comforted the girl, the girl felt much better and decided to try hard again. At the last scene, they walked along together and hold each other’s hand. You can tell by how she feel much confident now that her back is straight. At the beginning of the video, when the men was tying his shoe, you can see how the men raised his left leg up, so that it’s clear and explicit that his tying his shoe.
Create a Background Story based on the scene A lovely couple were having a picnic date. The girl sat down on a chair and the untied her lunch box. Suddenly, she lost confidence and no longer knew the meaning of trying. After the men comforted her, she then felt better and they walked happily together toward the upcoming adventures. The couple were having a delightful date on a very hot weather. They sat down on a rock, and he took his hat off and swiped his sweat. He was resting comfortably until then he realised the girl was crying next to him. He leaned closer to her and tried to comfort her.
What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why? I think the covering face gesture that the girl used to show she’s crying could be used in my mime because the story I’m going to be miming about involves a crying scene. We could take some ideas from the video to show crying scene more explicit and clear.