EAL Presentation about Salvador Dali

Hello, this is a slideshow that I made for my EAL project. We had it to research a person about how they experience the world differently. I decided to research about Salvador Dali, since I’ve been to his museum before. It was very fun and interesting to research about his life, and how he experience the world differently. Here is the slideshow.

Snowflake Bentley – Summery

Willie Bentley who had come to be nickname Snowflake Bentley, spent his entire life photographing and studying snowflakes.

When Willie was a child he loved snowflakes so much that he took his mother’s microscope, and dashed outside. Then he would place the snowflakes on the stage of microscope to observe that beauty.

At first, willie tried to sketch the snowflakes, but he failed because it always melted before he could finish the sketching.


Willie worked very hard on capturing the snowflakes, even though everyone thought he was crazy.

Then, Willie found an amazing way to preserve the beauty of snowflakes! He wanted a microscope camera, because then he would be able to capture the snowflakes by photograph it. But the camera was too expensive.


After all, his parents bought a camera for Willie because they loved to see Willie happy.

Unfortunately, no one had every used microscope camera before, so it was very hard for Willie. Eventually, He got it right.

Willie didn’t do anything but photograph snowflakes for his entire life.


Willie loved snowflakes so much that he would forget about sleeping, and stop eating dinner if it snowed at the mealtime.

Willie had published the book Snow Crystals. When Willie’s 66 years old and the snowstorm was about to come.

But Willie collapsed when he came back home after the storm. He felt ill, sadly he died to days before Christmas.

Thank you for reading! Bye!