Censorship is when you restrict or ban someone’s opinion or media from everyone else, usually because of the content that are involved. The range of censorship could be wide and vary. Some could be banned completely, some could be restricted to age limits, and some could be taking away specific contents.


What did you learn in the unit?

In this unit, I learnt many kinds and  varieties of censorship. For example, banning books, video games, comic book, age limiting, blocking letters, euphemism, media censorship and many more. I used to think that censorship is simply restricting the access to something, like banning books. Now, I learnt that euphemism is also one kind of censorship. Not just prohibiting the access is censorship, but also restricting a certain word being used, or changing the contents, like not revealing the truth and making it less terrifying. I’ve learnt the awfulness of censorship, and how bad it could be. How terrifying it would be if the government censored books, or controlled the media, restricting access to internet. Many people can be brainwashed by censorship, and our thoughts and ideas can even be controlled.


How did your opinions, perspective or understanding change or develop over the course of the unit?

My opinion on censorship has changed over the unit. Reading the book that have been censored, I developed different perspectives on censorship. I used to think that censorship is a dreadful things to do, which I still do. But now, I can understand why would people censor or restrict access to something. I found out that sometimes, censorship could be good. For example, age limiting on violent games can protect little kids who are not able to classify the difference between fiction and real life. However, I also thinks it’s important to think about who decide whether or not it should be banned, and for what reasons.