Field study reflection 3

Day 2- Canoeing
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Canoeing was awesome but very tire at the same time. It was very hard to paddle, and very hard to control the direction as well. But I really enjoy canoeing after all. I especially like the part when we all gather together and played a game which we had it to paddle the canoe and throw the Crocs. The team that shoot the goals are the winner. The game was awesome! I enjoyed a lot. However, I think I was open minded for joining a team that I don’t always play with and that I am not so familiar with. We all enjoyed it anyway, and I think it was a nice chance to be a better friend with someone who I am not always with.

Field study – Reflection 2

Day 4- Skit performance


Day 4 was the last night that we were going to spend a night time with everyone in Hakuba. It was awesome. After dinner, we had a small party where we performed our skit performance that we planed with our roommates to everyone else. The party was awesome, we get to eat abundance of chips and snacks. However, my favorite part of the party was the skit performance. I think our group did a great job to organise the skit and make it funny to entertain the customers.  I think we had a very good team work. We had a rule which is to design a performance that shows a hidden word that we each got assigned. For example our group’s word was principal. I think we all did a great job trying to show the hidden word. It was also fun watching other people’s performance. I think I did well on being a Thinker today. What made me think so is that, I always tried to think of the hidden word while I watch the other’s performance. The thing is that I got most of them right! I think it was very cool to make the skit with our roommates and to perform it in front of everyone. I really enjoy it all!


Field study reflection

Day 2- Field studies was awesome. It was all very memorable, and I promise I would never forget how fun field study was. We did a lot of interesting activity during field studies. A lot of activities was very new to me. For example, canoeing, the ex rope challenge, the campfire, sleeping in the tent, hot air ballooning, skit performance and hiking.
All of them were very fun. However, my favorite activity of all is the ex rope challenge. It was also my first time to do the ex rope challenge.



Actually at first, when other people were nervous and scared about the ex rope challenge I wasn’t worried about it at all. I felt like it was a piece of cake. But I think of it too easy, I was wrong about it. It was so scary! Oh my god. Even now, I still remember how much I was frightening when I got up on the trees and try to clear all of the obstacle.

There was a lot of moment when I couldn’t move my feet even an inch. I want it to give up, but I was in the middle of the obstacle so I couldn’t. That moment I felt like it’s the end of the world, my life is gone. Like seriously.

But I didn’t give up. I think I was a risk taker.
I tried my best all the way till the end even though I was frighten to death. I was frozened! literally.
My friends helped me a lot as well, they encouraged me. It helped me want to complete the challenge all the way till the end. When I finally finish the challenge, you won’t believe what a remarkable achievement I had and how fun that was! It was fun to challenge your self out of fear. Seriously, I never knew that to achieve something that is challenging were such a wonderful thing. I was so happy when I complete the challenge. I felt like there is nothing more worthful than to be able to finish the rope ex challenge all the way till the end by your self. I enjoy doing rope ex challenge and I would like to do it again in the future!!