Gapminder Comparing levels of development

The two countries that I chose to research about is the United Kingdom and Nepal.


As you can see in the graph above, the United Kingdom is more developed in HDI and GDP than Nepal is.

The statistics the United Kingdom is 0.863 HDI, 63.2M of the total population.

On the other hand, the statistics for Nepal is 0.458 HDI, 27.3M of the total population.

The data shows that the United Kingdom and Nepal has a huge difference in HDI, and Population. The development of HDI of the UK is almost double of HDI in Nepal, and the difference between the population growth beyond double. This data shows that the UK is more developed economically than Nepal is. HDI stands for Human Development Index which is a combination of the statistics of life expectancy, education and  GDP per capita. If a country is high in life expectancy, education level, GDP per capita, but low in fertility rate and inflation rate. We can tell from the graph that there is a huge difference in the population growth of the UK and Nepal. However,  the birth rate and the fertility in Nepal are lower than the UK. The total fertility rate is the number of children that is born to each woman. While Nepal has 2.5babies per woman, UK only has 1.9 babies per woman. Also, the birth rate of Nepal is much higher than the birth rate of UK. The birth rate per 1000 population for Nepal is 22.1 where the birth rate for the UK is 12.7. This means that in average, Nepal gives birth more than the UK does. You can see from the graph and the data that even though the UK has much more population growth than Nepal does, each woman only give birth to 1.9 babies nowadays. This is a problem because if the fertility rate and the birth rate of the UK keep on decreasing as it is currently, the population growth will decrease. This can have an affect on other indicators such as GDP per capita because, without a good balance of the population, the country will not be able to develop economically. If the GDP per capita or the population decrease, it can also affect Human Development Index or the literacy rate.


Although the birth rate and the fertility rate of Nepal are higher than the UK, there are many babies that die under age 5 in Nepal. The child mortality rate of the death per 1000 births under age 5 in Nepal is 43.1 while the rate for the UK is 5.  43.1 per 1000 births is still pretty high compared to other countries. I think because Nepal earns less income comparing to the UK, they do not have enough money to afford health care, good sanitization, or medicine. Therefore, the child mortality rate of Nepal is higher than the UK.


As it shows in the graph above, there is a huge gap and differences between UK’s GDP rate per capita and life expectancy years compared to Nepal.  The United Kingdom’s rate of GDP is $28.3k and the average life expectancy years that each person will live is 80.5 years. However, the GDP rate for Nepal is $2350 which is really low, and the average life expectancy years is 68.4 years. The differences between GDP is beyond twice of Nepal. GDP is a measurement of average income per person in a country, which can show the standard of living of a country. By looking at the graph, you can tell that the UK is considered as the MEDC’s (More Economically Developed Country) and Nepal is considered as the LEDC’s (Less Economically Developed Country) as it is less developed economically and has shorter life expectancy years. The differences between UK’s GDP and Nepal’s GDP is $25950. I think poverty of a country is what causes the life expectancy of a country to become shorter. The less income each person earn, the less money he/she can afford for nutritious food, water or to pay for treatment cost when they have a disease. Poverty can cause a person to have a lack of good health care, which can shorten the average  life expectancy years of a country.


By looking at all sorts of indicators we can tell how developed a country is. For example, the measurements of Birth rate, Population growth, Infant Mortality Rate, GDP per capita, Human Development Index (HDI), Fertility rate, Life expectancy and Literacy Rate is what determines whether a country is considered us the MEDC’s or the LEDC’s. We now know that the UK is the MEDC’s while Nepal is the LEDC’s because the UK’s statistics of GDP per capita, life expectancy, Population growth, and HDI are all higher than Nepal. These indicators show that the UK is more developed economically as each person in British has a higher level of standard of living than people in Nepal does because each person earns more income. 

Reflecting on World Religions

Backward – Looking:

What process did you go through to produce this piece?

When making the Religions Research Project, I went through the process of coming up with a good research question using the command terms. After that, I organised my research sheet in to tables and started researching using different sources to make a conclusion for the research question. Then, I finally began on choosing the ways to present my knowledge. I decided to do it on infographic, because I thought that would be the most effective ways to present my knowledge through visuals and text.

Inward – Looking:

What was especially satisfying to you about either the process or the finished product?

Something that was especially satisfying to me about the process or the finished product is that I think I’ve improved a lot on my researching skills and my ways to present my knowledge. I used to write all of the research information I found in a document without recoding the resources. However, this time I made a table regarding to my research, and I also made a column for recording the resources, which made it much more organised.

I was proud of my ways to present my knowledge because I think my infographic was effective at presenting my knowledge and I included many different information. I think my overall visuals of infographic was well organised, neat, and concluded and answered my research questions effectively using different information from different sites.

Outward – Looking:

What do your classmates particularly notice about your piece when they look at it?

I think one thing that my classmates particularly notice about my piece when they look at it is the format. I think they will notice my title first as it is the biggest letter in the whole infographic. Then, I think they will look at how I organised my work, and how I separated my different information into different sections by lining up the columns and making boxes.

Forward – Looking:

What would you change if you had a chance to do this piece over again?

Something that I would change if I had the chance to do this piece over again is to maybe reduce the amount of text in the infographic, and add more images and visuals.

Child labor debate

I personally strongly disagree with child labor, because first of all, it is too harmful and harsh for children.

They work in the factories for 12 hours at least, which means that they are not getting enough sleeping time and resting time. This will cause problem to health and growth. Children lose ability to grow healthy and properly.

Second, the machines used in factories are too dangerous for little children. Child labor increases the amount of accident and injuries. They are many patients of child labor. Also, even though they work for such a long period, they get less amount of money than adults do. They get little few amount of income yet, working in a bad and dangerous condition for a long time.

Lastly, working in the factories reduces the amount of education time. Child labors are not receiving proper and enough education because most of the time, they work in the factories. I think that children should be at school learning, instead of being in the factories working.

Industrial revolution – Maps

Before the Industrial revolution.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.52.13 PM

After the industrial revolution.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.29.48 PM

How did the industrial revolution change the world?

The industrial revolution had a big impact on our society now, and changed the world in many ways. It gave positive influences as well as the negative influences to the world. First of all, industrial revolution improved the technologies. Factories were built, which made mass production. Manufacturing was much more faster and convenient. Textile industry extended the scale of producing cloth. The invention of steam engine made transportation much more effective and convenient. Industrial revolution also improved medicine and sanitary care. These developments brought an enormous increase in population, and raised living standard longer. In which caused more schools to be constructed. However, industrial revolution also brought many negative influences. For example, factories caused many farmers unemployed. It also effected many families to move into cities and towns to be more closer to the factories. This brought an enormous increase in crime. There were more thief and rioting. Factories also made a huge pollutions to the environment. Children and women we’re forced to work in the factories for a long time, in a bad condition, but less pay than man. Overall, I think industrial revolution had many impacts on our society now. I think industrial revolution continued for a long time because each invention lead to more developments. The invention could lead to a positive effects but also some negative effects. There were many changes during Industrial revolution, but those changes were necessary. Without those changes, the world won’t be as good as it is now. Even though, it had many negative impacts, humans always make new politics and laws that improved the negative influences. Industrial revolution is a very important period in human history.

Humanities – Minecraft biome (Jungle)

Hello, right now in humanities, we are doing a project about researching a biome in the earth. We are allowed to choose any biome we want to research. I choose to research about Jungle, because I thought that it would be interesting and I want to know more about what is it like to live in a Jungle.


Jungle is a biome that has a lot of huge trees, long vines surrounded and small bushes cover most of the floor. There are also large amount of Ferns, which is a type of plants in the Jungle. People who live in the jungle would have to find a tree houses or built there own one. The houses are usually built high on the top of the trees, to avoid it from the wild animal. People often use the vines and attach them to the block for climbing up the high tree houses. In the jungle, there are abundance of wild animals and very large and rare trees that you don’t usually see in the city. For example, Ocelots is a type of jungle cats which are very rare, but are often found in the jungle. Ocelots skin are sort of similar to cheetah’s skin.


Some facts about the Jungle:

  • Jungles are surrounded with overgrown wild vegetation and dense forest twisted together.
  • Jungles and rainforests are very similar, but rainforests have thick tall trees covering the sunlight, while jungles attract more sunlight, to make it easier for plants to grow. This is why the rain forests are darker than the jungles.
  • Jungles are often found around the rainforests.
  • Jungles is a biome where wide range of plants and animals likes to live.
  • More than half of the species in the world live in a jungle environment.
  • Jungles are usually in warm places with high percent of rainfall.
  • The word ‘jungle’ comes from Sanskrit language, which means ‘uncultivated land’.
  • Temperate deciduous forests, for example Jungle, receive 30 – 60 inches of rain each year. It is also ranked for the rainiest biome, the first rank is the rain forest.
  • Although the average temperature in the jungle is 50° F, in the winter, typically sees temperatures below freezing point.



The summer season in the Jungle are from November to March. It is hot and wet, and flooding is very common in Jungle.

Winter season in the jungle are from April to October.

The average temperature in summer are about 27Cº. Amazon is the rainforest near Manaus Brazil, and are known as the biggest jungle in the world.

There are a lot of monkeys and other more animals living in this biome. Especially, the monkeys likes to live in this biome because there are a lot of trees in the jungle. The monkeys likes to play around on the trees and they mostly stay up high on the trees to be safe. Chimpanzees, are one of the animals living in the jungle. They have also made a lot of tools in the jungle using woods and rock. Hammer is one of the tools they made.

2013-01-03-xxhut images-1 IMG_2024-1 jungle-animals-tigers-white-tiger-1920x1080-hd-wallpaper2 250158



In minecraft, I made a house that fits with the jungle biome. What I did, is that I made the house up high on the trees to avoid danger from the wild animals. The entire house is made out of the woods and logs from the jungle, because there are no concrete and blocks in the jungle.

It was the first time for me build houses in minecraft. At first, it was very hard for me to get comfortable with using minecraft, but while I get alone with the minecraft, I got more and more interested at minecraft. Now I learned to build houses, and I thought that it was very interesting to find a biome in minecraft and build you’re own houses. I would like to investigate more about minecraft, and build more houses in the future.