Unit 3 Reflection

2. Use a metaphor and a simile to describe the preterite and/or the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns.

Learning and using direct/indirect pronouns is as important as education.

Irregular of preterite pronouns is as confusing as the fish in dishwater.


3. How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

What I have learned is relevant to other classes and material I am learning because, in Spanish class, we are also currently learning about in Spanish class, we are currently learning about preterite, direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns, as well as new vocabularies, expressions and verbs. English class, we also learned about writing sentences and stories in past tense using the different variety of verbs and vocabularies. Also, in Spanish class, we learned different Spanish speaking countries in the world and its cultures. In Individual and Humanity, we also learn about different cultures in different countries.


8. How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I thought that the new Unit was very challenging and difficult but interesting and fun at the same time. It was new and confusing at first because I have never learned preterite pronouns before, and it had complete new conjugation as the present tense and simple future tense. However, even though it was difficult at first, I felt achievements, after I started to get the new unit. Also, learning new vocabularies and adjectives was interesting and exciting. I was also delighted when I could use the new preterite pronouns to talk about things I did in the past. Also, it was fun to learn about geography and different Spanish speaking countries in the world.


9. Make a wordle or mind map of your learning.

Unit 1 reflection

In unit 1, we have been learning about Mis amigo y yo, and we learned many new vocabulary, grammar as well as conventions in Spanish literature. The five biggest things we learned in Spanish this unit is Gustar – like verb, Conjugation, Stem – changing verb, Adjective – noun agreement, and Reflective verb. weakness in Spanish regarding to the four language skills is my grammar skills in writing. I’ve been struggling with my writing assessment in my conjugation and adjective/noun agreements. I need to learn the conventions of conjugation more in order to know when to conjugate and when not to conjugate the verbs. I can practice my verb conjugation and adjective/noun agreements throughout reflecting on the mistakes that I’ve made in assessments. I can take notes and re edit the mistakes that I’ve made in order to prevent myself from making the same mistakes in the next assessments.

On the other hand, I think my strength in Spanish regarding to the four language skills is my ability to use different range of vocabularies from the unit. I always take notes in class when I go through vocabularies that I didn’t know in class. When doing assignments or before the test, I always review and check the vocabularies that I’ve noted in my note book just to remind myself what new vocabularies I can use in order to raise my Spanish skills.


Some changes that I will make for next unit is to further improve on my Spanish skills is I will use quizlet more often for about 3 times a weak. I think by practicing vocabularies and word conjugation on quizlet, I will be able to learn when to conjugate and when not to conjugate the verbs more. I can also try writting a paragraph in Spanish about anything once a weak to practice my gramar skills and adjective- noun agreements.


My goals for the rest of the semester one is to improve on my knowledge of the structure and the conventions for grammar in Spanish more so that I will make less mistakes in grammar. I also want to improve on my listening skills because I often have trouble understanding people talking fast in Spanish. I will improve on my listening skills by listening to Spanish song more often.

Goals for Spanish 2016 ~ 17

There are many goals that I want to achieve in Spanish class this year including conjugations, communication skills, grammar, and language usage.

One of the biggest goal that I want to achieve this year is to learn more different variety of verbs and adjectives. Also, to apply it when I write or talk in Spanish. I will achieve this goal by taking notes during class when I hear new verbs and adjectives, and then put the new vocabulary into quizlet. I will go through the flashcards on quizlet at least one time per day in order to remember the verbs and adjectives faster. After a month, I will look back at my older writing and compare it with the latest writing to see if I have made any progress over the year in course of vocabulary usage.


My second goal for this year is to improve on stem changing verbs. This is because I sometimes get confused and struggle with stem changing verbs. Therefore, I want to improve on stem changing verbs so that I wouldn’t get confused anymore, and that I won’t make mistake with stem changing verbs again. I will measure my progress on stem changing verbs every time when I finished an assignment to see if I’ve changed the verbs correctly depending to the pronouns that comes before the verbs. This way, I can tell if I have achieved my goals by recording the amount of mistakes I’ve made every time to see if by the end of the year, there will be literally no mistakes.


The last goal I have is to speak as much Spanish as possible in class with correct pronunciation, to improve on my oral skills. Every time when I had a sentence that I wasn’t able to talk in Spanish, I will ask my friend or the teacher to tell me how to say the sentence in Spanish and I’ll write it down in the note book in order to become more fluent at speaking Spanish. After a month, I will try to have a conversation with my friend in Spanish to see if I’ve improved on my oral skills.

Entrevesta Cailey

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