ATL skills overview for SLC


Reflection I think I demonstrated this skill well, because I wrote about what I think I did well, and what can I improve next time in detail. This is why I think I did well at reflecting my work. Physical Health



Interpersonal SkillAnalyze Tutorials & Complete Reflection

Koto concert – Reflection

Critical thinking I think that I think it critically, because in humanities, we had to think what is it like to live in different biomes. I never lived in the Jungle before, so I had to think critically. In science, I think critically in Final water lab, because I thought of two method that can solve the problem of drinking dirty water. Science


Final water labMinecraft Biome
Collaboration I demonstrated collaboration well in Humanities and english, by discussing with my groups, and working effectively with them. Humanities


Maldives presentation


Holes differences

Communication I demonstrated this skill by communicating well with my partners in science, since we have to work together. I also talked clearly and loudly in Japanese for the presentation. Science


Conductivity Lab凄い物プレゼンテーション
Creative thinking I think I am a creative thinker, because in Math, I thought of a creative idea to make a game board. In humanities, I had to think of making a fake postcards pretending that I was in a natural disaster. Math


Math game boardPostcards


My Goals

Goal 1 My first goal is to improve on my organising skills. Sometimes, when I am working on my assignment on my computer, I get off track with my friend, and finish the work really late at night.
Goal 2 My second goal is to improve on information literacy, because I think I need to work on my researching skill more efficiently. Also, to organize my research information more. For example, put the main idea in the assignment, because I always put too much information, and it is sometimes too diversos.
Goal 3  My third goal is to improve on affective skill. For example, I don’t usually study unless I am forced to, so I would like to improve on feeling like studying on my on more, and have more curiosity.

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