Nature VS Nurture Debate

In class, we have been learning about nature vs nurture. From my understanding of nature and nurture, nature is something that comes from my parents as genes and nurture are something where you learned to be that way and how the society is. It is something that you have in your genes or something you are taught with. As an example, this video, the first part talks about the Cambridge study, how an adult plays with a baby who is really either a boy or a girl but changes their gender to see if the adult would stereotype the baby of giving a boy toy or a girl doll. By this result, it seemed that the adults would give boy toys to the baby because of the way the babies dressed and force them to play with those toy stereotyping them. In the second part, the Hines study, they were trying to investigate how the monkeys would react to when given the toys. As a result, it turned out that boy monkeys would get toys like cars and trucks however girl monkeys would get dolls and one of the girl monkeys would get a monkey doll in a plastic bag because she probably thought that she had to take care of her.

The last video we watched was a short documentary on genetics and sports. throughout the video, even though black athletes may be the fastest runner and can be really fast, that doesn’t mean that white people are slow. Some white people can be faster than black people, however, it is just saying that the fastest fastest runner is the black athletes. In my opinion, this would show both nature as well as nurture because some people may have genes to make them fast but there are possibilities that they were trained very well even though they don’t have any genes.

Overall, I think that we are in a time where our abilities and behaviors are from both our genes as well as the society and how the environment is. This is because it may be supported with our genes but as well supported by the environment and how people are around us. Our behavior depends on our genes but can also change throughout how we are with other people and how we react exploring. Our likes and dislikes can change by influences and by where the environment is around us.

Reflection on Dragon Days

Designing our project was a chance for me to get to know people I didn’t know before and was a great way to show how we impressed and what we did to the lower grades and also for the teachers as well saying that we have only had 2 days and we made a project doing what we chose to do contacting teachers and taking surveys.

Reasons I liked working with the group was that even though it was hard to get ideas and get to know them just in 2 days, we tried to get things going and was a good opportunity to speak to the 7th grader or even the 8th graders as well.

The ATL skills that I used well was Collaborating with the group was one of the most important things we could think of as a group and that was really successful in a way that we all contributed in some way. I have took one of the important jobs which was to make sure everyone knows where they were going. If no one knew where they were going they would get lost and would lose time on working on the project so I think I did a good job on that because no one got lost.

Great moments along the way was when we all worked as a group to find an idea of what question we would like to answer. At first we didn’t have any idea and we weren’t really talking to each other but as we went along we asked what are favorite things to do was and all of us like either playing video games or sports. We decided to chose sports and I think that was one of the main parts of what I liked throughout the project.

One thing I learned from another group is when we started the project while looking for ideas, we asked people what they were going to do and said to us that if you all know each other, since there weren’t anyone new, we could think about what we do in our free time and that’s how we got an idea of the project so that was really helpful.

Next time, I will try figuring out a way to plan things faster so that after we plan we could get on going more faster and if we did that we would’ve finished the project earlier so that we could have time practicing our script out loud.
Something awesome that I contributed in was when making the skit that was interesting and editing the video so that everyone who is watching it could enjoy the video at last. This was a way to have fun while working on the project.


Projets de week-end – answers 1-6

Activity 1

1.lets see the family photos!
2. she has a brother named Alexandre.
3. she has three cousins.
4. her grandparents and her parents.
5. she wants to be the only child because, when she hears that Thuy is the only child she says shes lucky.

Activity 2

1. Vrai.
2. Faux.
3. Vrai.
4. Faux.
5. Faux.

Activity 3

1. b
2. a
3. c
4. d

Activity 4

1. Je peux… ?
2. Ils sont heureux.
3. Elle est adorable.
4. Elle est très intelligente.
5. Il/Elle a… ans.
6. Il est parfois pénible.

Activité 5: Invitations et refus

1. aller au concert de Patrick Bruel? d. je n’ai pas envie.
2. aller au Louvre? c. je n’aime pas trop les musées.
3. aller au zoo? a. je déteste les zoos.
4. aller voir Dracula? b. je préfère aller voir un film comique.

Activity 6

Ma familie est semblable parce que je dois beaucoup d’ oncles, tantes, cousins et cousines.

Koto Concert Reflection – Rokudann

My focus for the concert was to go slow and get each note correct. During the concert I did well on trying to get each note correct but getting the music slow makes this hard because this has to be everyones goal in order to keep the music slower. This effected the rhythm of the music because the music is slow therefore everyone of us has to slow down the piece. The best part that worked the best was the highlights that we did in class. I tried my best to keep the highlights so that I won’t mess up on any notes because the ones that we highlighted are the hardest part so I practiced more on this so that even if one person or two gets one of the note wrong, I can keep going so that the others can follow along.

I could of worked on going through the song instead of just repeating one section because even though I do one of the section but I didn’t know the rest I would get all of the notes mixed up therefore I can practice by first practicing one section but also practice all of the section so that I can get each note correctly. Next time I do the piece I would try to get the rhythm in my head and memorise the rhythm as well as the piece so that I would get it perfect.

One thing that went well was trying to get the piece together as a group so that there is no note that is going everywhere. I think that we could of improved as a group on slowing the piece down because we were suppose to slow down at the end of the piece but was equal through the piece as we went. I think that I worked hard on the piece but also could of improved on slowing down . Even though some of us tried slowing down at the end there were people that played the piece loud which is a good thing but didn’t slow down much at the end so I think that I and the class should work on this more. I expected the song to go messed up but actually went well but still had a little mistake. I personally think that I should work on practicing more at home with my koto to get everything right but I think I did well on keeping track of the speed everyone was even though it was faster than I expected to be.

Here is the video of our performance and hope you enjoy!

Newspaper Article – Frances Wood and Lawyer; Menthe A leau

Good Afternoon, today I am here to represent the justice needing to take place for under age children working in factories today. My name is Frances Wood. I participate in interacting with groups upon the subject of “should children work in factories.” Much like many anti child campaigners, we were all once working as a child in factories. I remember, as a child, working in  textile factories, wondering about all the beauties of the world, and reminding myself that I could one day seem them. When I finally had enough money to leave the factory to seek a better future, I was welcomed by an overwhelming world with trees and flowers. The thought of the children being unable to see the magicalness made me passionate about being an anti campaigner of child labour. Ever since then, I have been participating in marches and protests, I have spoken at speeches around town, and currently, I am hoping to run for the mayor of the city.


Good afternoon, my name is Mr. Menthe A leau. Today I am here to represent my client: Ms. Frances Wood. I graduated in Law at Yale University. I was passionate about learning the history of child labour, and whether this action was still taking place. When I heard that the famous and successful Ms. Frances Wood was looking for a lawyer regarding the issue of child labour, I was more than happy to apply. Ever since the application, I have learned and gained more knowledge on facts about child labour and feel that I am confident to put an end to this horrible action.

How did the Industrial Revolution change the world? 

The industrial revolution caused negative and positive changes. However we wouldn’t have been in this world right now if the industrial revolution didn’t change the world. It was two totally different places of before and after the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution diseases would spread out more (Smallpox, typhus, typhoid, scarlet fever and etc.) even though they had medicine, this also connects to how the pollution would spread out more because the factories would become bigger therefore it would pollute more which causes sickness/diseases. A whole new world has started after the industrial revolution. Now, not only machines can help us bring the world so could people around us. The industrial revolution has changed over time while we had lived through out our lives, pollution, transportation, health and more, started the creation of new cities.


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.38.52 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.39.30 PM


What caused the Industrial Revolution – Humanity

In humanities, we are learning about what caused the industrial revolution. In class, we have made a chart explaining what caused the industrial revolution and what effected the industrial revolution.

The Industrial Revolution caused Steam power, railway, coal extractions, iron smelting and agricultural production which made everything happen that we use now. The industrial production effected steam power because industrial production had water power which later became steam power which also relates to the agricultural production because, of the industrial production needed more people, agricultural production was needed. The steam power, railway and  coal extraction all effected iron smelting because without the steam power, railway, industrial production and agricultural production, you wouldn’t need iron smelting. We needed mass production to help us with our life. To conclude this paragraph we needed mass production to help us do anything we are doing now, which helps us live now with freedom and foods.