Newspaper Article – Frances Wood and Lawyer; Menthe A leau

Good Afternoon, today I am here to represent the justice needing to take place for under age children working in factories today. My name is Frances Wood. I participate in interacting with groups upon the subject of “should children work in factories.” Much like many anti child campaigners, we were all once working as a child in factories. I remember, as a child, working in  textile factories, wondering about all the beauties of the world, and reminding myself that I could one day seem them. When I finally had enough money to leave the factory to seek a better future, I was welcomed by an overwhelming world with trees and flowers. The thought of the children being unable to see the magicalness made me passionate about being an anti campaigner of child labour. Ever since then, I have been participating in marches and protests, I have spoken at speeches around town, and currently, I am hoping to run for the mayor of the city.


Good afternoon, my name is Mr. Menthe A leau. Today I am here to represent my client: Ms. Frances Wood. I graduated in Law at Yale University. I was passionate about learning the history of child labour, and whether this action was still taking place. When I heard that the famous and successful Ms. Frances Wood was looking for a lawyer regarding the issue of child labour, I was more than happy to apply. Ever since the application, I have learned and gained more knowledge on facts about child labour and feel that I am confident to put an end to this horrible action.

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