Reflection on Dragon Days

Designing our project was a chance for me to get to know people I didn’t know before and was a great way to show how we impressed and what we did to the lower grades and also for the teachers as well saying that we have only had 2 days and we made a project doing what we chose to do contacting teachers and taking surveys.

Reasons I liked working with the group was that even though it was hard to get ideas and get to know them just in 2 days, we tried to get things going and was a good opportunity to speak to the 7th grader or even the 8th graders as well.

The ATL skills that I used well was Collaborating with the group was one of the most important things we could think of as a group and that was really successful in a way that we all contributed in some way. I have took one of the important jobs which was to make sure everyone knows where they were going. If no one knew where they were going they would get lost and would lose time on working on the project so I think I did a good job on that because no one got lost.

Great moments along the way was when we all worked as a group to find an idea of what question we would like to answer. At first we didn’t have any idea and we weren’t really talking to each other but as we went along we asked what are favorite things to do was and all of us like either playing video games or sports. We decided to chose sports and I think that was one of the main parts of what I liked throughout the project.

One thing I learned from another group is when we started the project while looking for ideas, we asked people what they were going to do and said to us that if you all know each other, since there weren’t anyone new, we could think about what we do in our free time and that’s how we got an idea of the project so that was really helpful.

Next time, I will try figuring out a way to plan things faster so that after we plan we could get on going more faster and if we did that we would’ve finished the project earlier so that we could have time practicing our script out loud.
Something awesome that I contributed in was when making the skit that was interesting and editing the video so that everyone who is watching it could enjoy the video at last. This was a way to have fun while working on the project.


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